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Readers Respond: Share Your Tips for Saving Money in the Reno / Lake Tahoe Region

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From the article: Reno Penny Pincher's Guide
When times are tough, we all come up with clever and ingenious ways to same money. My article has lots of tips, but I know my readers have plenty more. Here is your chance to impart your penny pinching wisdom to the rest of us.

Use Re-Usable Grocery Bags

I've finally trained myself to bring reusable cloth bags to the grocery store. In addition to cutting down on the use of petroleum-based plastic and paper made from trees, most of the stores actually pay you for using reusable bags. You'll get a credit of 5 or 6 cents per bag, which isn't much till you start adding it up. This is really easy to do and has both immediate and long-term benefits.
—Guest Cheapskate in Reno

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