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Readers Respond: Which Reno / Tahoe Pizza Place Makes the Best Pizza?

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There's pizza and then there's really great pizza. Tell us which pizza place in the Reno / Tahoe region is your top choice when you are hit with the craving for a great pizza pie. Why is it your favorite and what keeps you coming back? What Do You Think?


Delicious thin crust pizza! Really hits the spot if you enjoy a New York style pie.
—Guest Hovis

Blue Moon Pizza

Blue Moon is the best! The crust is perfect and the topping are always fresh.

Sierra Pizza

Sierra Pizza in South Lake Tahoe offers Tahoe's largest pizza - the 24". Made in-house this east coast style pie tops out on flavor, price, and health. Good beer and wine coupled with HDTV and WiFi offer the region a reliable place to eat, drinks, cheer on the team, and be a part of the the south shore neighborhood. www.sierra-pizza.com
—Guest Sierra Pizza

Best Pizza in Reno

The best Pizza in Reno is in SPARKS! The "True NY Pizza Co" (Vista & Barring) has real NY Pizza with a zesty tasty sauce.

Pirate's Pizza

Thickest crust I have ever had . . a medium can feed my whole family! Some interesting toppings offered, plus other Italian (and Greek!) dishes. Off of Peckham in the strip mall with Burlington Coat Factory.
—Guest scj

Good but not great

While there are a few average pizza places in Reno-Sparks, I have to agree that one are like the top pizza places in the world in Chicago. Most varieties here cram weird toppings to try and be different, but lack the awesome crust, incredible sauce and lots of cheese that are the hallmarks of a great pizza. Oh well... The sushi in Reno is good.
—Guest Todd G

Reno needs good pizza

I have yet to find a REALLY good pizza in Reno, Sparks or Tahoe. Most are flat cardboard and and variations of California or New York styles, which are ok (but nothing like the pizza in Chicago). I know Chicago pizza is hard to make and expensive, but we have even had it flown in from Chicago when the need for a great pizza hits us. I wish at least ONE place in northern Nevada could make a good pizza that wasn't full of grease on a slab of cardboard.
—Guest Drummond

California Pizza

I'm partial to Califonia Pizza. Nice thin hand tossed pizza with fresh ingredients. Located right downtown across from Silver Legacy and Eldorado. They also offer fresh squeezed juice, which is unique in downtown.
—Guest Tom Landy

Blind Onion

Blind Onion (Kings Row and Victorian and South Virginia Street) has the best pizza in the country.
—Guest turptaylor

What Do You Think?

Which Reno / Tahoe Pizza Place Makes the Best Pizza?

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