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Readers Respond: My Favorite Big Event in the Reno / Tahoe Region

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Both residents and tourists come by the thousands to enjoy our events, everything from the Reno River Festival to Artown to Hot August Nights. UP at Lake Tahoe, the Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival brings the bard to the stage at Sand Harbor. Besides being just plain fun, almost all of our events provide support to a number of worthy charities.

Tell us which big Reno / Tahoe area event is your favorite. What do you really like about your favorite event? What keeps you coming back? What makes your favorite event a worthwhile part of the Reno / Tahoe scene?

My Favorite Event Is...

Cinco de Mayo at Grand Sierra Resort

Great event for the whole family to celebate Latino heritage, good music, food and fun.
—Guest Resident

It's the Reno River Festival

The Reno River Festival is the coolest thing going on in downtown Reno. Organizers have done a great job of providing lots of fun things for everyone to see and do. The kayak stuff is only part of it.
—Guest RenoRiverRat

Nugget Rib Cook-Off

Best BBQ Firewood company who supplies firewood to the Nugget rib cookoff. 775-882-4666
—Guest Fireside Firewood

Motorcycle events in Reno / Tahoe area

Reno/Sparks is a well established motocross/dual-sport/desert motorcycle race/street riding area and motorcyle event center. Upcoming local events include 2013 ARENOcross, November 15-17 Ride Reno 200 AMA Dual Sport Event, Virginia City Grand Prix (http://www.dailysparkstribune.com/view/full_story/22408620/article-Neely-scores-4th-VCGP-win--Underwood-tops-Sunday-s-field?instance=news_sports_page ), Street Vibrations, Livfast Exit 28 Motocross Complex, Wild West Motorsports Complex, Fernley Raceway, Sierra Motocross Racing Association, Western States Racing Association, Over The Hill Gang National Motocross Race Event. If you are interested in any additional information, feel free to contact me at Reno KTM - Nevada Motorcycle Specialties 775-358-4388. We are one of the oldest KTM/Husaberg motorcycle dealers in the USA and KTM's #1 Outstanding Western Region Service Center.
—Guest Dee Martinmaas

My Favorite Event Is...

My Favorite Big Event in the Reno / Tahoe Region

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