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Reno / Lake Tahoe Winter Sports Areas and Resorts

Many Ways to Enjoy the Reno / Lake Tahoe Winter Wonderland


Wonderful Sierra Nevada snow

Wonderful Sierra Nevada snow.

Photo © Stan White
The Reno / Lake Tahoe region has a wide variety of top cross-country skiing areas, downhill ski resorts, and snow play areas. Sprinkled around the Lake Tahoe area, these winter sports areas are blessed with abundant snow, excellent accommodations, and easy access from Reno, Sacramento, and the Bay Area. In addition to downhill and cross-country skiing, winter sports opportunities include snowshoeing, sledding, snow tubing, and snowmobiling.

Downhill and Cross-Country Skiing Areas and Resorts

Downhill and Cross-Country Skiing Lessons

Learn to downhill ski and snowboard or cross country ski and skate at one of our nearby Reno / Lake Tahoe ski resorts.

Other Winter Recreation and Sports Activities

Lake Tahoe Ski Area Pictures & Videos

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