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Freestyle Skier Errol Kerr Going to 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver

Kerr Will Compete in Ski Cross for the Jamaica Ski Team


Errol Kerr, Jamaica Ski Team, ski cross

Errol Kerr, Jamaica Ski Team member, lives in Truckee, CA, and trains at Alpine Meadows. Competes in the Olympic sport of ski cross.

Photo by Jed Jacobsohn / Getty Images
Errol Kerr has dual citizenship and lives in Truckee, CA. He will be going to the 2010 Winter Olympic Games under the flag of the Jamaica Ski Team to race in the freestyle skiing event of ski cross. Alpine Meadows up at Lake Tahoe has a partnership with the Jamaica Ski Team and that's where Kerr trains. At Vancouver, you won't have any trouble spotting Kerr - he IS the Jamaica Ski Team. The 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games run from February 12 to 28.

Errol Kerr's Ski Cross Skiing Record

Kerr is a relative newcomer to ski cross, but he has made a serious impression in a short time. While he has yet to place at the top of the podium, he has been a respectable contender at events such as the Winter X Games, the FIS World Cup in Europe, the Jeep King of the Mountain Tour, and the North American (NORAM) Cup. Vancouver will be his first Olympics appearance.

Kerr Comes Up Short in Vancouver's Ski Cross

Just competing in the Vancouver Winter Olympics is a major accomplishment, but Errol Kerr was eliminated from medal contention in the semi-finals. He placed 9th overall.

What is Ski Cross?

In ski cross, a group of skiers races together along a marked course, similar to snowboard cross. It's speed that counts, not style, with medals awarded according to where competitors place in relation to each other. Ski cross is making it's debut as an Olympic sport in the 2010 Vancouver Winter Games.

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