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Reno City Council Elections 2012

Many Candidates for Reno City Council Seats in 2012


Reno City Council members during a meeting at City Hall in Reno, Nevada, NV

Reno City Council members during a meeting at City Hall in Reno, Nevada.

Photo © Stan White

How Reno City Council Elections Work

Reno City Council seats are non-partisan, which is why candidates' party affiliation is not listed. At the primary election (Tuesday, June 12, 2012), the top two vote getters in each ward race continue on to face each other in the general election (Tuesday, November 6, 2012). The primary election is held at ward-level - residents of each ward can only vote for candidates running for the seat in that ward. The general election is city-wide - all candidates, regardless of ward, are put on the ballot for all registered voters in the city to select. The at-large council person represents the city as a whole. Therefore, candidates for the at-large seat are voted on by all registered voters in the city during both election cycles, as is the mayor.

Reno City Council Wards

By law, ward boundaries were redrawn following the 2010 Census. The changes were not dramatic, but voters should check these new ward boundaries to make sure they are still in the same ward as the last election, or to determine is the changes have put them into another ward. For more about this, refer to the Reno City Charter, Section 1.050(2)(a).

Filed Candidates for the 2012 Reno City Council Election

Here are the candidates for Reno City Council that officially filed for the 2012 election by the deadline of March 16, 2012...

Ward 1

  • Alderman, Wendy
  • Brekhus, Jenny
  • Carter, Bernie
  • Harsh, Troy E.
  • McGehee, Kevin L.
  • Reno, Charles "Chuck"
  • Roach, Carola Nan
  • Thompson, Donald S. "Snoshu"
  • Wong, Allyson Denby
Ward 3
  • Dehne, Chad
  • Delgado, Oscar
  • Phillips, Nick
  • Romeo, Dennis A.
  • Schmidt, Lisa
  • Trudell, Michael "Mike"
  • Young, Cliff J.
Ward 5
  • Jardon, Neoma
  • Jung, Kitty K.
  • Lampley, Kirby
  • Gordon, Paul M.
  • Hawkins, Edward
  • Kelley, Scott
  • Polley, Matt
  • Schieve, Hillary
  • Taylor, Kathleen
  • Ward, David
  • Wilson, S. Rowan


Importance of the 2012 Reno City Council Election

Three of the incumbents being replaced by this election have been in office for multiple terms and are being term-limited out. They are at-large Councilman Pierre Hascheff, Ward 3 Councilwoman Jessica Sferrazza, and Ward 5 Councilman David Aiazzi. Ward 1 councilman Dan Gustin has chosen not to run for re-election. Together with remaining members Sharon Zadra of Ward 2, Dwight Dortch of Ward 4, and Mayor Bob Cashell, this group presided over some of Reno's biggest projects, including the ReTRAC train trench and Aces Ballpark. Unfortunately, financing mechanisms used to fund projects like these, implemented during the boom times, have run into serious trouble since the Great Recession seriously damaged the city's main funding sources.

When it's over, this will be the biggest change to the Reno City Council in years. The remaining two council members and the mayor will be gone after the 2014 elections. These new members will have some serious work to do straightening out Reno's finances and steering a course that maintains and improves the city services residents have come to expect and enjoy.

Registering to Vote in Reno and Washoe County

There are certain deadlines and residency requirements you must observe in order to vote. Registering to vote is relatively easy and casting a ballot in Nevada does not require a photo ID at the polling place. Online voter registration is only available in Clark County (Las Vegas and vicinity), but may become available for elections in 2012. I will provide details when they are released.

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