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Primary Election 2010 in Reno and Washoe County

2010 Primary Election Features Multiple Candidates


Candidate filings for the 2010 elections in Reno and Washoe County feature more choices for voters than we've had in a long time. The current political climate in Washoe County and Nevada, and across the nation, has produced what can only be called a wide range of views spanning the political spectrum from one extreme to another. The rhetoric is shrill and there are candidates coming at us from every angle. The 2010 primary election on June 8 is our first chance to sort out who and what we will support in the fall general election on November 2.

2010 Nevada Primary Election Presents Numerous Choices for Voters

Washoe County voters are going to have lots of candidate decisions to make this election cycle. According to Washoe County Registrar of Voters Dan Burk, 34 candidates have filed for a variety of county commission, mayoral, and city council seats. Here is a list of who filed by the March 12 deadline.

Statewide, we have a hotly contested race for U.S. Senate. Assuming incumbent Harry Reid (D) gets by four primary challengers, he will face whoever emerges from the field of 13 Republican primary contenders.

Republican Governor Jim Gibbons is up for re-election and facing some stiff primary opposition. Whoever garners the votes will probably face Democrat Rory Reid in the general election. Numerous state assembly and senate seats are also up for grabs and have attracted numerous candidates.

In addition to electing numerous office holders, voters will be faced with several initiatives aimed at amending the Nevada Constitution. Among these are two hot-button items - revisions to Nevada's marijuana laws, mining tax reform.

Nevada Primary Elections are Closed

A closed primary election is one in which voters are only allowed to vote for candidates from their own party, as well as those in nonpartisan contests. For example, a registered Democrat will receive a ballot with the various Democratic primary candidates, plus those running for nonpartisan offices and ballot questions applicable to his or her precinct. Nevada recognizes two major political parties (Republican and Democrat) and two minor parties (Independent American and Libertarian). If you are registered to vote as anything other than a Republican or Democrat, your ballot will only show nonpartisan office candidates and ballot questions applicable to your precinct.

Information from the Washoe County Registrar of Voters for the 2010 Primary & General Elections

Register To Vote

If you aren't registered, you can't vote. You have until May 18 to register to vote in the 2010 primary election and until October 11 for the general election. Nevada does not provide for online voter registration. You can register in person at Nevada DMV offices, any state welfare agency, and county clerk / registrar of voters offices. In Washoe County, mail your application to Registrar of Voters, 1001 E. Ninth St., P.O. Box 11130, Reno, NV 89520-0027, or present it in person by either May 18 or October 11. Mail in applications must be postmarked by May 8 for the primary election and by October 2 for the general election.

If you have any concerns about whether or not you are registered to vote, check the Washoe County Voter Registration Status website. By simply entering your last name and birth date, you can make sure you are actually registered and that your information is correct. This is vital should your right to vote be challenged.

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