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Reno and Washoe County 2008 General Election Results

General Election Winners in Reno, Washoe County, and Nevada


Voters in Reno, Washoe County, Nevada, and across the United States have made their choices in this 2008 General Election. Here are our decisions, including partisan and non-partisan offices, Washoe County ballot measures, and Nevada statewide ballot measures.

Nevada State and National Election Results

  • Silver State '08 - Nevada Secretary of State Election Results - includes results for all Nevada statewide and county contests, including federal, state and local offices, and ballot questions.

    Washoe County Election Results

    I've identified Washoe County winners with **. For the actual vote count, go to Washoe County Election Results. Note that winners of statewide races in Washoe County aren't necessarily the overall winners. Get the total Nevada state results at Silver State '08 from the Nevada Secretary of State.

    U.S. President and Vice President

    **Democrat: Barack Obama and Joe Biden

    Republican: John McCain and Sarah Palin

    Independent American: Chuck Baldwin and Darrell L. Castle

    Libertarian: Bob Barr and Wayne A. Root

    Green Party: Cynthia McKinney and Rosa Clemente

    Nonpartisan: Ralph Nader and Matt Gonzalez

    U.S. Congressional Representative

    **Democrat: Jill Derby

    Republican: Dean Heller

    Green Party: Craig Bergland

    Independent American: John Everhart

    Libertarian: Sean Patrick Morse

    State Senator, District 3

    Democrat: Jade Zahreddine

    **Republican: Bill Raggio

    Independent American: Gary Feero

    State Assemblyperson - 24

    **Democrat: David Bobzien

    Republican: John W. Gwaltney

    State Assemblyperson - 25

    Democrat: Robert Townsend

    **Republican: Heidi S. Gansert

    State Assemblyperson - 26

    Democrat: Daela Gibson

    **Republican: Ty Cobb

    Independent American: Gregory R. Miller

    State Assemblyperson - 27

    **Democrat: Sheila Leslie

    Republican: Virgil Patrick Neal

    Independent American: Daniel Joseph

    State Assemblyperson - 30

    **Democrat: Debbie Smith

    Republican: Trent Baldwin

    Independent American: Ruth I. Gillings

    State Assemblyperson - 31

    **Democrat: Bernie Anderson

    Republican: Ron Longtin

    Independent American: Jim Nord

    State Assemblyperson - 32

    Democrat: Marc Deal

    **Republican: Don Gustavson

    Independent American: James Kroshus

    State Assemblyperson - 35

    **Democrat: Rachel Marie King

    Republican: Pete Goicoechea

    State Assemblyperson - 39

    Democrat: Joetta Brown

    **Republican: James Arnold Settlemeyer

    Independent American: David K. Schumann

    State Assemblyperson - 40 - tie vote

    **Democrat: Bonnie Parnell

    **Republican: Cheryl Lau

    Independent American: John Wagner

    Washoe County Commissioner - 1

    **Republican: John Breternitz

    Republican: Toni Harsh

    Washoe County Commissioner - 3

    **Democrat: Kitty Jung

    Republican: Neal H. Cobb

    Washoe County Commissioner - 4

    Democrat: Gary R. Schmidt

    **Republican: Bob Larkin

    Nonpartisan: Terry W. Tiernay

    Supreme Court Justice - Seat B (nonpartisan office)

    Mary (Kris) Pickering

    **Deborah Schumacher

    Supreme Court Justice - Seat D (nonpartisan office)

    Thomas Frank Christensen

    **Mark Gibbons

    District Court Judge - Dept. 04 (nonpartisan office)

    David K. Neidert

    **Connie Steinheimer

    District Court Judge - Dept. 06 (nonpartisan office)

    **Brent Adams

    Greg Zunino

    District Court Judge - Dept. 09 (nonpartisan office)

    **Robert H. Perry

    Elliott A Sattler II

    District Court Judge - Dept. 14, Family Division (nonpartisan office)

    **Linda M. Gardner

    Roger R. Harada

    State Board of Education - District 8 (nonpartisan office)

    **Ken McKenna

    Jonnie Pullman

    State Board of Education - District 9 (nonpartisan office)

    Dave Cook

    **Barbara J. Myers

    Regent, University of Nevada - District 10 (nonpartisan office)

    **William Cobb

    Farrokh R. Hormazdi

    Regent, University of Nevada - District 11 (nonpartisan office)

    **Jason D. Geddes

    Rajan Zed

    School Board Trustee At Large (nonpartisan office)

    Peggy Lear Bowen

    **Barbara J. McLaury

    School Board Trustee - District A (nonpartisan office)

    **Dan Carne

    Celana Wasson

    School Board Trustee - District D (nonpartisan office)

    Byllie Andrews

    **Ken Grein

    School Board Trustee - District E (nonpartisan office)

    **Scott Kelley

    Denny Martindale

    General Improvement District Trustee - Incline Village - Vote for 3 (nonpartisan office)

    **Bea Epstein

    **Ted Fuller

    Jim Nowlin

    Dell Rowley

    **Chuck Weinberger

    Frank L. Wright

    General Improvement District Trustee - S. Truckee Meadows - Vote for 4 (nonpartisan office)

    **Ellen Allman

    **Steve Cohen

    Pablo D. Gomez

    **Sue Saunders

    **Jerry Schumacher

    General Improvement District Trustee - Sun Valley Water and Sanitation - Vote for 3 (nonpartisan office)

    Garth T. Elliott

    **Robert W. Fink

    Tom Noblett

    **Margaret Reinhardt

    **Linda Woodland

    General Improvement District Trustee - Verdi TV District - Vote for 2 (nonpartisan office)

    Christopher Sewell

    **Kim Toulouse

    **Michelle Zunino-Banbury

    Fire Protection District - North Lake Tahoe - Vote for 3 (nonpartisan office)

    **Wayne Fischer

    **Chris Plastiras

    **Dale E. Smith

    Paul C. Zahler

    Reno Municipal Court Judge - Dept. 1 (nonpartisan office)

    **Jay D. Dilworth

    Reno City Council - At Large (nonpartisan office)

    **Pierre A. Hascheff

    David Ward

    Reno City Council - Ward 1 (nonpartisan office)

    **Dan Gustin

    Tom Herndon

    Reno City Council - Ward 3 (nonpartisan office)

    **Jessica Sferrazza

    Chad Dehne

    Reno City Council - Ward 5 (nonpartisan office)

    **David L. Aiazzi

    Wayne Rollan Melton

    Sparks City Council - Ward 1 (nonpartisan office)

    **Julia Ratti

    Larry Wilson

    Sparks City Attorney (nonpartisan office)

    **Chet Adams

    Neil E. Grad

    Washoe County Ballot Questions

    WCSD #1

    Yes -

    No - **

    RTC #2

    Yes -

    No - **

    WC #3

    Yes - **

    No -

    SFPD #4

    Yes -

    No - **

    RTC #5

    Yes - **

    No -

    WC #6

    Yes - **

    No -

    IVGID #7

    Yes -

    No - **
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