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Primary Election 2012 Results in Reno, Sparks, and Washoe County

Voters Choose Candidates in the 2012 Primary Election


Washoe County 2012 Primary Election Early Voting Results

Washoe County voters didn't exactly swamp polling places during early voting from Saturday, May 26 to Friday, June 8. According to the Washoe County Registrar of Voters office, a total of 21,322 ballots were cast out of 218,114 registered voters in the county. On Primary Election Day, June 12, 2012, Registrar Dan Burk said he expects a voter turnout of 20 to 22 percent. The actual percentage turned out to be 19.96 percent, the lowest in the past 20 years.

Burk and others have cited a lack of big races and controversies as reasons for the ho-hum lack of interest in this primary election. There have been no major fights like the Sue Lowden / Sharron Angle / Harry Reid U.S. Senate contest back in 2012. In Sparks, there was no opposition to any of the candidates up for re-election (city attorney, judge, and three city council members). Primary candidates with no opposition will be elected and not need to be voted on again in the general election. The top two vote getters in races with multiple candidates will face each other in the general election to decide the ultimate winner.

Reno City Council Primary Election Results

Seats on the Reno City Council are non-partisan. For details about the Reno City Council races and how the election works, refer to Reno City Council Elections 2012.

Ward 1

  • Brekhus, Jenny
  • Carter, Bernie
  • Alderman, Wendy
  • Harsh, Troy E.
  • McGehee, Kevin L.
  • Reno, Charles "Chuck"
  • Roach, Carola Nan
  • Thompson, Donald S. "Snoshu"
  • Wong, Allyson Denby
Ward 3
  • Delgado, Oscar
  • Young, Cliff J.
  • Dehne, Chad
  • Phillips, Nick
  • Romeo, Dennis A.
  • Schmidt, Lisa
  • Trudell, Michael "Mike"
Ward 5
  • Jardon, Neoma
  • Jung, Kitty K.
  • Lampley, Kirby
  • Schieve, Hillary
  • Ward, David
  • Gordon, Paul M.
  • Hawkins, Edward
  • Kelley, Scott
  • Polley, Matt
  • Taylor, Kathleen
  • Wilson, S. Rowan

Washoe County 2012 Primary Election Results

Listed below are all the candidates that ran in the 2012 Primary Election. I have highlighted the winners and, when necessary, moved them to the top of the list. (Note: This list is not complete, pending certification of final results.)

Official election night results and all the numbers (by precinct, county, and statewide) are available from these sources...

For partisan offices, political party affiliation is designated next to the candidate's name...

  • DEM - Democratic Party
  • REP - Republican Party
  • IA - Independent American Party

U.S. Senator

  • Berkley, Shelley (DEM)
  • Heller, Dean (incumbent) (REP)
  • Brooks, Sherry (REP)
  • Brown, Steven (DEM)
  • Charles, Richard (REP)
  • Ellsworth, Barry (DEM)
  • Hamilton, Eddie (REP)
  • Leslie, Michael (DEM)
  • Macias, Louis (DEM)
  • Poliak, Carlo "Nakusa" (REP)
  • Price, Nancy (DEM)
  • VanderBeek, David Lory (IA)

U.S. Representative, District 2

  • Amodei, Mark (incumbent) (REP)
  • Koepnick, Samuel (DEM)
  • Best, Russell (IA)
  • Dehne, Sam (DEM)
  • Haines, Michael L. (IND)
  • Holland, Erik (DEM)
  • Ricks, Rex (DEM)
  • Rodriguez, Xiomara (DEM)

State Senate, District 13

  • Martin, Kathy (REP)
  • Smith, Debbie (DEM)

State Senate, District 15

  • Brower, Greg (REP)
  • Leslie, Sheila (DEM)

State Assembly, District 24

  • Bobzien, David (DEM)
  • Waterman, Heidi (REP)

State Assembly, District 25

  • Hickey, Pat (REP)

State Assembly, District 26

  • Kirner, Randy (REP)
  • Petzak, Rodney R. (DEM)

State Assembly, District 27

  • Benitez-Thompson,Teresa (DEM)
  • Larkin,Yvonne (REP) (withdrew before election)

State Assembly, District 30

  • Lightfoot, Ken (REP)
  • Sprinkle, Michael (DEM)
  • Maineri, Paul (REP)
  • Scott, Lauren A. (REP)

State Assembly, District 31

  • Daly, Richard "Skip" (DEM)
  • Espinosa, David (REP)

State Assembly, District 32

  • Hansen, Ira (REP)

State Assembly, District 40

  • Dunn, Rich (DEM)
  • Livermore, Pete (REP)
  • Davies, Phillip (REP)

Washoe County Commissioner - District 1

  • Diss, Andrew (DEM)
  • Kachurak, Skyler (DEM)
  • Berkbigler, Marsha (REP)

Washoe County Commissioner - District 4

  • Hartung, Vaughn (REP)
  • Gutierrez, Jesse (REP)
  • Kosak, Jerry (REP)

Non-Partisan Offices and Candidates

The following offices are nonpartisan. Some offices where the incumbent is unopposed are not included, nor are several lesser, very local races. For a complete list of everything, go to the Washoe County Registrar of Voters Candidate Contact and Profile Information page.

Supreme Court Justice, Seat C

  • Cherry, Michael A.

Supreme Court Justice, Seat F

  • Douglas, Michael L.

Supreme Court Justice, Seat G

  • Saitta, Nancy M.

District Court Judge, Department 2

  • Walker, Egan

District Court Judge, Department 9

  • Freeman, Scott N.

State Board of Education, District 2

  • Clontz, Donna
  • Cook, Dave
  • Bacon, Ray
  • Carey, Scott
  • Fralick, Adriana

Regent - University of Nevada, District 9

  • Knecht, Ron
  • Mackedon, Michon
  • Riendeau, Richard "Old Rick"

Regent - University of Nevada, District 10

  • Trachok, Rick

School Board Trustee, District A

  • Ruggerio, Lisa
  • Richardson, Dale
  • Flanner, Brian

School Board Trustee, District E

  • Aiazzi, David L.
  • Nicolet, Diane
  • Johnson, Cody

School Board Trustee, At Large District G

  • McLaury, Barbara

Sparks City Council - Ward 1

  • Ratti, Julia

Sparks City Council - Ward 3

  • Smith, Ron

Sparks City Council - Ward 5

  • Schmitt, Ron

Reno Justice of the Peace - Department 1

  • Lynch, Patricia A.
  • Shannon, Greg

Reno Justice of the Peace - Department 6

  • Hascheff, Pierre A.
  • Waldron, Gemma Greene

2012 General Election in Washoe County and Nevada

For those candidates who will continue on, the 2012 General Election will be on Tuesday, November 6, 2012. The early voting period will be from Saturday, October 20 though Friday, November 2.

Sources: Washoe County Registrar of Voters, Nevada Secretary of State, Reno Gazette-Journal.

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