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Primary Election 2012 Candidates in Reno, Sparks, and Washoe County

Reno Voters Have Multiple Choices in the 2012 Primary Election


Non-Partisan Offices and Candidates

The following offices are nonpartisan. Some offices where the incumbent is unopposed are not included, nor are several lesser, very local races. For a complete list of everything, go to the Washoe County Registrar of Voters Candidate Contact and Profile Information page.

Supreme Court Justice, Seat C

  • Cherry, Michael A.

Supreme Court Justice, Seat F

  • Douglas, Michael L.

Supreme Court Justice, Seat G

  • Saitta, Nancy M.

District Court Judge, Department 2

  • Walker, Egan

District Court Judge, Department 9

  • Freeman, Scott N.

State Board of Education, District 2

  • Bacon, Ray
  • Carey, Scott
  • Clontz, Donna
  • Cook, Dave
  • Fralick, Adriana

Regent - University of Nevada, District 9

  • Knecht, Ron
  • Mackedon, Michon
  • Riendeau, Richard "Old Rick"

Regent - University of Nevada, District 10

  • Trachok, Rick

School Board Trustee, District A

  • Flanner, Brian
  • Richardson, Dale
  • Ruggerio, Lisa

School Board Trustee, District D

  • Grein, Ken
  • Rosenberg, Howard

School Board Trustee, District D

  • Aiazzi, David L.
  • Johnson, Cody
  • Nicolet, Diane

School Board Trustee, At Large District G

  • McLaury, Barbara

Sparks City Council - Ward 1

  • Ratti, Julia

Sparks City Council - Ward 3

  • Smith, Ron

Sparks City Council - Ward 5

  • Schmitt, Ron

Reno Justice of the Peace - Department 1

  • Lynch, Patricia A.
  • Shannon, Greg

Reno Justice of the Peace - Department 6

  • Hascheff, Pierre A.
  • Waldron, Gemma Greene

Nevada Primary Elections are Closed

A closed primary election is one in which voters are only allowed to vote for candidates from their own party, as well as those in nonpartisan contests. For example, a registered Democrat will receive a ballot with the various Democratic primary candidates, plus those running for nonpartisan offices and ballot questions applicable to his or her precinct. Nevada recognizes two major political parties (Republican and Democrat) and two minor parties (Independent American and Libertarian). If you are registered to vote as anything other than a Republican or Democrat, your ballot will only show nonpartisan office candidates and ballot questions applicable to your precinct.

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