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Primary Election 2012 Candidates in Reno, Sparks, and Washoe County

Reno Voters Have Multiple Choices in the 2012 Primary Election


Washoe County 2012 Primary Election Candidates

Here is a list of candidates who will appear on some (partisan offices) or all (nonpartisan offices) ballots in Washoe County's June 12 primary election. For more detailed information, refer to the Washoe County Registrar of Voters. Governor, Lt. Governor, and other Nevada state constitutional officers were elected in 2010 and serve four-year terms. Therefore, these offices are not up for election in 2012. Nevada State Senators serve four-year terms as well, meaning not all Senate seats are up for election in 2012. Nevada State Assembly members serve two-year terms and the entire chamber is voted on each election cycle.

Primary candidates with no opposition will be elected and not need to be voted on again in the general election. The top two vote getters in races with multiple candidates will face each other in the general election to decide the ultimate winner.

Early voting starts on Saturday, May 26, and ends on Friday, June 8. You can early vote at any of numerous locations around Washoe County. On Election Day, you must vote in your precinct and at the specified polling place.

For partisan offices, political party affiliation is designated next to the candidate's name...

  • DEM - Democratic Party
  • REP - Republican Party
  • IA - Independent American Party

U.S. Senator

  • Berkley, Shelley (DEM)
  • Brooks, Sherry (REP)
  • Brown, Steven (DEM)
  • Charles, Richard (REP)
  • Ellsworth, Barry (DEM)
  • Hamilton, Eddie (REP)
  • Heller, Dean (incumbent) (REP)
  • Leslie, Michael (DEM)
  • Macias, Louis (DEM)
  • Poliak, Carlo "Nakusa" (REP)
  • Price, Nancy (DEM)
  • VanderBeek, David Lory (IA)

U.S. Representative, District 2

  • Amodei, Mark (incumbent) (REP)
  • Best, Russell (IA)
  • Dehne, Sam (DEM)
  • Haines, Michael L. (IND)
  • Holland, Erik (DEM)
  • Koepnick, Samuel (DEM)
  • Ricks, Rex (DEM)
  • Rodriguez, Xiomara (DEM)

State Senate, District 13

  • Martin, Kathy (REP)
  • Smith, Debbie (DEM)

State Senate, District 15

  • Brower, Greg (REP)
  • Leslie, Sheila (DEM)

State Assembly, District 24

  • Bobzien, David (DEM)
  • Waterman, Heidi (REP)

State Assembly, District 25

  • Hickey, Pat (REP)

State Assembly, District 26

  • Kirner, Randy (REP)
  • Petzak, Rodney R. (DEM)

State Assembly, District 27

  • Larkin,Yvonne (REP)
  • Benitez-Thompson,Teresa (DEM)

State Assembly, District 30

  • Lightfoot, Ken (REP)
  • Maineri, Paul (REP)
  • Scott, Lauren A. (REP)
  • Sprinkle, Michael (DEM)

State Assembly, District 31

  • Daly, Richard "Skip" (DEM)
  • Espinosa, David (REP)

State Assembly, District 32

  • Hansen, Ira (REP)

State Assembly, District 40

  • Davies, Phillip (REP)
  • Dunn, Rich (DEM)
  • Livermore, Pete (REP)

Washoe County Commissioner - District 1

  • Berkbigler, Marsha (REP)
  • Diss, Andrew (DEM)
  • Kachurak, Skyler (DEM)

Washoe County Commissioner - District 4

  • Gutierrez, Jesse (REP)
  • Hartung, Vaughn (REP)
  • Kosak, Jerry (REP)

About the Reno City Council Election

Seats on the Reno City Council are non-partisan. For details about the Reno City Council races and how the election works, refer to Reno City Council Elections 2012.

Source: Washoe County Registrar of Voters.

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