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General Election 2012 Candidates in Reno, Sparks, and Washoe County

Voters to Pick the Winners in the 2012 General Election


Elections in Reno, Sparks, and Washoe County, Nevada

Elections in Reno and Washoe County, Nevada.

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Washoe County 2012 General Election

During the June 2012 primary election, voters in Reno, Washoe County, and throughout Nevada narrowed the field to those candidates who will be on the general election ballot on Tuesday, November 6, 2012. Considering all the election noise and divisive nature of politics in America these days, the primary election turnout was dismal. The percentage of voters who cast ballots in Washoe County primary election was 19.96 percent, the lowest in the past 20 years.

Washoe County 2012 General Election Candidates

Listed below are the candidates that will be on the 2012 General Election ballot. I have listed the major races. For a complete list of elective offices up for grabs throughout Washoe County, refer to the Washoe County Candidate List from the Washoe County Registrar of Voters office.

Reno City Council General Election

Seats on the Reno City Council are non-partisan. For details about the Reno City Council races and how the election works, refer to Reno City Council Elections 2012. Here are the candidates who will be facing each other in the 2012 General Election. Reno City Council members serve four year terms. There are no incumbents running - all incumbents have either term limited out or have chosen not to seek re-election.

Ward 1

  • Brekhus, Jenny
  • Carter, Bernie
Ward 3
  • Delgado, Oscar
  • Young, Cliff J.
Ward 5
  • Jardon, Neoma
  • Jung, Kitty K.
  • Schieve, Hillary
  • Ward, David

Partisan Candidates in the 2012 General Election

For partisan offices, political party affiliation is designated next to the candidate's name...

  • DEM - Democratic Party
  • REP - Republican Party
  • IAP - Independent American Party
  • LIB - Libertarian Party
  • IND - Independent

President and Vice - President of the United States

  • Obama, Barack - Biden, Joe (incumbents) (DEM)
  • Romney, Mitt - Ryan, Paul (REP)
  • Goode, Virgil - Clymer, Jim (IAP)
  • Johnson, Gary - Gray, James P. (LIB)

U.S. Senate

  • Heller, Dean (incumbent) (REP)
  • Berkley, Shelley (DEM)
  • VanderBeek, David Lory (IAP)

U.S. Representative, District 2

  • Amodei, Mark (incumbent) (REP)
  • Best, Russell (IAP)
  • Haines, Michael L. (IND)
  • Koepnick, Samuel (DEM)

Nevada State Senate, District 13

  • Martin, Kathy (REP)
  • Smith, Debbie (DEM)

Nevada State Senate, District 15

  • Brower, Greg (REP)
  • Leslie, Sheila (DEM)

Nevada State Assembly, District 24

  • Bobzien, David (DEM)
  • Waterman, Heidi (REP)

Nevada State Assembly, District 25

  • Hickey, Pat (REP)

Nevada State Assembly, District 26

  • Kirner, Randy (REP)
  • Petzak, Rodney R. (DEM)

Nevada State Assembly, District 27

  • Benitez-Thompson,Teresa (DEM)
  • Taber, Tom (REP)

Nevada State Assembly, District 30

  • Lightfoot, Ken (REP)
  • Sprinkle, Michael (DEM)

Nevada State Assembly, District 31

  • Daly, Richard "Skip" (DEM)
  • Espinosa, David (REP)

Nevada State Assembly, District 32

  • Hansen, Ira (REP)

Nevada State Assembly, District 40

  • Dunn, Rich (DEM)
  • Livermore, Pete (REP)

Washoe County Commissioner - District 1

  • Berkbigler, Marsha (REP)
  • Diss, Andrew (DEM)

Washoe County Commissioner - District 4

  • Hartung, Vaughn (REP)

Non-Partisan Offices and Candidates

The following offices are nonpartisan. Some offices where the incumbent is unopposed are not included, nor are several lesser, very local races. For a complete list of everything, go to the Washoe County Registrar of Voters Candidate Contact and Profile Information page.

Supreme Court Justice, Seat C

  • Cherry, Michael A.

Supreme Court Justice, Seat F

  • Douglas, Michael L.

Supreme Court Justice, Seat G

  • Saitta, Nancy M.

District Court Judge, Department 9

  • Dunlap, Cal
  • Freeman, Scott N.

State Board of Education, District 2

  • Clontz, Donna
  • Cook, Dave

Regent - University of Nevada, District 9

  • Knecht, Ron
  • Mackedon, Michon

School Board Trustee, District A

  • Richardson, Dale
  • Ruggerio, Lisa

School Board Trustee, District D

  • Grein, Ken>
  • Rosenberg, Howard

School Board Trustee, District E

  • Aiazzi, David L.
  • Nicolet, Diane

Reno Justice of the Peace - Department 1

  • Lynch, Patricia A.
  • Shannon, Greg

Reno Justice of the Peace - Department 6

  • Hascheff, Pierre A.
  • Waldron, Gemma Greene

Gerlach / Wadsworth Justice of the Peace

  • Copeland, Ralph R.
  • Graham, Terry L.

Early Voting in the 2012 General Election in Washoe County and Nevada

The early voting period will be from Saturday, October 20 though Friday, November 2. You can cast your ballot at any early voting location during this time. If you wait until Election Day on Tuesday, November 6, you must vote in the precinct in which you are registered and at the specified polling place for your address.

Sources: Washoe County Registrar of Voters, Nevada Secretary of State.

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