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General Election 2010 Partisan Candidates in Reno, Sparks, and Washoe County

2010 Mid-Term Election Features Candidates for Local & Statewide Offices


Elections in Reno, Sparks, and Washoe County, Nevada

Elections in Reno and Washoe County, Nevada.

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Updated October 06, 2010
According to the Washoe County Registrar of Voters, here is a list of partisan office candidates you'll be voting on in the 2010 mid-term general election. For more information, refer to my article about General Election 2010 in Reno and Washoe County.

Washoe County 2010 General Election Candidates

U.S. Senate, Six Year Term
Angle, Sharron - REP
Ashjian, Scott - TPN (Tea Party)
Fasano, Tim - IAP
Haines, Michael L. - Independent Candidate
Holland, Jesse - Independent Candidate
Reeves, Jeffrey C. - Independent Candidate
Reid, Harry - DEM
Stand, Wil - Independent Candidate
"None of these Candidates"

Representative in Congress, Dist 2, Two Year Term
Best, Russell - IAP
Heller, Dean - REP
Price, Nancy - DEM

Governor, Four Year Term
Curtis, David Scott - GRN
Disimone, Eugene"Gino" - Independent Candidate
Fitzgibbons, Floyd - IAP
Honig, Aaron Y. - Independent Candidate
Lampitt, Jr., Arthur Forest - LIB
Reid, Rory - DEM
Sandoval, Brian - REP
"None of these Candidates"

Lt. Governor, Four Year Term
Fitzgibbons, Ryan - IAP
Krolicki, Brian K. - REP
Sferrazza, Jessica - DEM
"None of these Candidates"

Secretary of State, Four Year Term
Lauer, Rob - REP
Miller, Ross - DEM
Wagner, John - IAP
"None of these Candidates"

State Treasurer, Four Year Term
Hawkins, Mike - IAP
Marshall, Kate - DEM
Martin, Steven E. - REP
"None of these Candidates"

State Controller, Four Year Term
Herr, Barry - REP
Markowitz, Warren - IAP
Wallin, Kim R. - DEM
"None of these Candidates"

State Attorney General, Four Year Term
Barrick, Travis - REP
Cortez Masto, Catherine - DEM
Hansen, Joel F. - IAP
"None of these Candidates"

State Senate, Dist 1, Four Year Term
Cornell, Thomas W - LIB
Leslie, Sheila - DEM
Salerno, Phillip G. - REP

State Senate, Dist 2, Four Year Term
Edwards, Allison - DEM
Gustavson, Don - REP

State Senate, Dist 4, Four Year Term
Kieckhefer, Ben - REP
Yochum, M.K. - IAP

State Assembly, Dist 24, Two Year Term
Bobzien, David - DEM
Johnson, Monte - REP

State Assembly, Dist 25, Two Year Term
Hickey, Pat - REP
Townsend, Robert "Tuna" - DEM

State Assembly, Dist 26, Two Year Term
Kirner, Randy - REP
Miller, Gregory R. - IAP
Taylor, Angie - DEM

State Assembly, Dist 27, Two Year Term
Benitez-Thompson, Teresa - DEM
Jurado, Gabe - REP

State Assembly, Dist 30, Two Year Term
Martin, Kathy - REP
Smith, Debbie - DEM

State Assembly, Dist 31, Two Year Term
Daly, Richard "Skip" - DEM
Thompson, Randi - REP

State Assembly, Dist 32, Two Year Term
Hansen, Ira - REP
Stephens, Jodi - REP

State Assembly, Dist 35, Two Year Term
Goicoechea, Pete - REP
O'Connor, John - DEM

State Assembly, Dist 39, Two Year Term
Brown, Joetta - DEM
Kite, Kelly - REP
Schumann, David - IAP

State Assembly, Dist 40, Two Year Term
Livermore, Pete - REP
Williamson, Robin L. - DEM

County Commission, Dist 2, Four Year Term
Colborne, David - LIB
Hicks, Betty - DEM
Humke, David - REP

County Commission, Dist 3, Four Year Term
Anthony, William M "Bill" - REP
Jung, Kitty Katrina - DEM

County Commission, Dist 5, Four Year Term
Elliott, Garth - DEM
Feero, Gary - IAP
Weber, Bonnie - REP

County Assessor, Four Year Term
Joseph, Daniel - IAP
Wilson, Joshua G. - REP

County Clerk, Four Year Term
Flint, Margaret - DEM
Harvey, Amy - REP

District Attorney, Four Year Term
Gammick, Richard "Dick" - REP
Whomes, Roger - DEM

Public Administrator, Four Year Term
Cavallo, Don - REP
Chapman, Lynn - IAP

County Recorder, Four Year Term
Burke, Kathryn L. "Kathy" - REP
Cain, Paul - DEM
Gillings, Ruth Irene - IAP

County Treasurer, Four Year Term
Davis, Tammi - REP
Santor, Ken - REP

Constable, Incline Village, Four Year Term
Kubo, Joseph - REP

Refer to General Election 2010 Non-Partisan Candidates in Reno, Sparks, and Washoe County for non-partisan offices in the 2010 mid-term general election.

Source: Washoe County Registrar of Voters.

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