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Pictures of Rock Art Sites in Nevada


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Hidden Cave Interpretive Trail
Hidden Cave archaeological site, rock art, petroglyphs, Nevada, NV

Tours of the Hidden Cave archaeological site include a walk and talk along the Hidden Cave Interpretive Trail.

Photo © Stan White

Hidden Cave Interpretive Trail takes visitors on a one mile loop walk to view significant features at the Hidden Cave Archaeological Area. You will see petroglyphs and caves where prehistoric hunter / gathers made their homes. There are interpretive signs along the way. Note that this area is not as well developed as nearby Grimes Point Archaeological Area. The gravel parking area has a vault toilet, but there are no other amenities. The trail is not handicapped accessible.

To reach Hidden Cave Interpretive Trail, turn off Highway U.S. 50 like you were going to Grimes Point, then continue 1.5 miles north on a good gravel road to the parking area.

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