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Pictures of Rock Art Sites in Nevada


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Welcome to Grimes Point Archaeological Area
Rock art, petroglyphs, Grimes Point Archaeological Area, Nevada, NV

Grimes Point Archaeological Area features interpretive signs, shaded picnic areas, restroom facilities, and walking trails among hundreds of rock art petroglyphs.

Photo © Stan White

Grimes Point Archaeological Area features numerous examples of prehistoric rock art visitors can view along a self - guided interpretive trail. There are signs along the trail as well as interpretive signs in the parking area explaining the geology and geography of the area and revealing what is known about the ancient people who made the rock art.

Grimes Point Archaeological Area is administered by the Nevada BLM Carson City District, Stillwater Field Office. Visitor facilities include handicapped accessible shaded picnic areas and restrooms. Grimes Point is seven miles east of Fallon, on the north side of U.S. 50.

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