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RTC RIDE Snow Routes

Alternate Snow Routes for RTC RIDE Public Transit Buses


RTC Snow Closure sign, Reno, Nevada, NV

RTC Snow Closure sign.

Sign image courtesy RTC
Updated November 30, 2010
RTC RIDE, Reno's bus public transit system, has a snow route system for when snow and ice conditions make it necessary to use detours on certain routes in the RTC RIDE system. The detours are run on routes with steep hills and sharp turns that become hazardous to navigate when the roads are frozen and slick.

Which RTC RIDE Routes are Affected?

Routes 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 15, and 17 switch to snow routes when winter conditions make regular runs too hazardous. RTC RAPID and RTC RAPID CONNECT are not affected. These two services run the same route between the Meadowood Mall and downtown Reno's 4th Street Station.

How Do I Know When Snow Routes are In Effect?

Bus stops not being served during snowy conditions will display an orange snowflake sign like the illustration with this article. These signs alert passengers to go to the alternate stop while snow routes are in effect.

You can receive transit and detour alerts by email by signing up for the free MyRTC service. Snow routes are posted on the RTC website and local TV and radio stations are notified when snow routes are in effect. You can also call for information between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. every day at (775) 348-RIDE (348-7433).

Get More RTC RIDE Snow Route Information

The RTC Snow Route Guide covering all affected routes is available at the main RTC RIDE transit centers - 4th Street Station in downtown Reno and Centennial Plaza at Victorian Square in Sparks. RTC also provides snow route information for each affected line.

Source: Regional Transportation Commission (RTC).

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