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Top Reno News Stories for 2012


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Bill Raggio dies
Bill Raggio, Nevada's longest serving state senator

Bill Raggio, Nevada's longest serving state senator, at the groundbreaking ceremony for Reno Aces Ballpark in Reno, Nevada.

Photo © Stan White

Bill Raggio, Reno native and longest serving state senator in Nevada history, died on February 24 during a trip to Australia. As one of Nevada's respected politicians ever, Raggio built a reputation for looking out for the best interests of the state and its residents, regardless of party politics. Because of this, he could anger fellow Republicans with his positions, most recently in 2010 when he supported the re-election of Democratic U.S. Senator Harry Reid over Republican Sharron Angle. After 38 years in the state senate, Raggio retired health reasons in 2011 with two years remaining in his ninth term.

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