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Top Reno News Stories for 2012


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A Review of Reno's Top News in 2012
Big crowd at Mt. Rose ski resort enjoys fireworks on New Year's Eve 2012

Big crowd at Mt. Rose ski resort enjoys fireworks on New Year's Eve 2012.

Photo © Stan White

The year 2012 passed without the non-stop series of tragedies we suffered through in 2011. We were not totally spared, however. The Washoe Drive Fire in January whipped through drought dry brush in January, destroying some 30 homes. One of Nevada's most respected politicians, Bill Raggio, died in February. The Reno Aces brought the Triple-A baseball national championship home to Reno, then became embroiled in a financing controversy with the newly - elected Reno City Council. At the end of the year, Wolf Pack football coach Chris Ault stunned the town with a sudden retirement announcement. Weatherwise, 2012 ended in stark contrast to the dry end of 2011. It snowed like crazy through December and brought us the first white Christmas in years. In November, we had a near miss on flooding in the Truckee Meadows. Read on for more details about 2012 news highlights from the Reno / Tahoe region.

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