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Street Vibrations Fall Rally

Reno's Celebration of Music, Metal, and Motorcycles


Street Vibrations, motorcycles, Reno, Nevada, NV

Street Vibrations rumbles in downtown Reno, Nevada.

Photo © Stan White

Street Vibrations Fall Rally will be September 25 - 29, 2013. Street Vibrations is billed as Reno's celebration of music, metal, and motorcycles. Attend Street Vibrations along Virginia Street in downtown Reno and you will see there is plenty of all three. Other event venues include John Ascuaga's Nugget and Victorian Square in Sparks, the Harley-Davidson dealerships in Reno and Carson City, area casinos and bars, historic Virginia City, and Lake Tahoe. Thousands of hogs and their riders cruise into Reno for Street Vibrations, filling downtown with rumbling color and a fun street party atmosphere. You do not need to be a Harley rider to have a good time at Street Vibrations.

In downtown Reno, you'll enjoy three live entertainment stages, fireworks, motorcycle stunt shows, factory rigs and vendors, and plenty of food and drink. Rules about beer sales and drinking at the event have been changed to a more relaxed attitude - learn more with my "Drinking at Reno Events" article. Victorian Square in Sparks and Virginia City will both be full of activities as well.

Street Vibrations Activities

Street Vibrations revolves around the motorcycles (mostly Harleys, but lots of other rides as well) and related interests. Custom bikes can be seen at the Custom Bike Builder's Expo and you can contemplate personal decoration at the Tattoo Expo. If you don't want to go quite that far, check out the vendors with all the cool biker gear and clothing so you can at least look the part. Of course, you need not go hungry or thirsty as plenty of food and drink vendors will be sprinkled among the rows of glittering Harleys. It's free to come to downtown Reno and Victorian Square in Sparks, mingle with the crowd, talk motorcycles with riders and vendors, and walk among the rows and rows of powerful bikes. You'll also find vendors and other activities in the Reno Events Center, the Reno Ballroom, Chester's Reno Harley Davidson, Carson City Harley Davidson, and up in Virginia City.

Street Vibrations for Motorcycle Riders

Street Vibrations is a big event. Thousands of motorcycles and even more thousands of people come to Reno for this party. Think Hot August Nights for big bikes and you will get the idea. You can just ride to Reno for Street Vibrations and go with the flow, but Roadshows (the organizer) encourages riders to register online as participants or mail in the registration form. You must be 18 or older and have proof of insurance. The fee is $70 per person after July 22. As an inducement to register, Roadshows throws in a pretty good package of deals and discounts at no extra charge. The package includes a secured bike parking pass for each day of Street Vibrations. If you ride into Reno without registering, you can do so at the downtown Reno Ballroom, 4th and Center Streets. A portion of the proceeds benefits the Juvenile Diabetes Association.

Other registered biker goodies include poker runs up to Lake Tahoe and Virginia City. Reno / Tahoe casinos will be looking to separate Street Vibrations attendees from some of their money with slot tournaments and other special action. Food discounts and other goodies are available to registered participants. On Saturday night starting at around 8 p.m., a fireworks display will shoot off from the roof of the Silver Legacy.

Street Vibrations is a no colors event due to violent confrontations between rival motorcycle gangs (like the Vagos and Hells Angels) in the past.

Arm Wrestling at Street Vibrations

If you want to test out your muscular biceps, enter the arm wrestling competition. The contest will be in downtown Reno on Saturday, September 28. The time has not been announced. There will be different weight classes for both men and women. For more information, call Johathan at (775) 223-4471.

Street Vibrations Information Links

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Entertainment at Street Vibrations

Much of the entertainment at Street Vibrations is free, but not all. The entertainment lineup for 2013 has yet to be announced, but will be posted here when it becomes available.

Street Vibrations Street Closures

Street Vibrations results in numerous street closures during its run, with the majority of them being in downtown Reno. To save yourself some time and hassle, refer to the downtown Reno road closures and restrictions map before driving to the city center during Street Vibrations. Select the date you are interested in and the map will update and show street closures for that date. You can use this map for showing traffic restrictions during other special events held in downtown Reno as well.

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