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Reno / Tahoe Shopping Malls and Districts

Reno / Tahoe Cures for Shopping Fever


Shopping in Reno is coming of age. Shopping centers are springing up in every part of the metro area. Besides new shopping malls, older shopping centers are getting facelifts, there is an ongoing influx of small boutiques and shops, and shopping districts like Wells Avenue, California Avenue, and downtown Reno are being revitalized.

Legends at Sparks Marina

Media day at the Legends at Sparks Marina, announcing opening date and new stores
Photo © Stan White
When built out, the Legends at Sparks Marina will be a huge shopping and entertainment complex. Scheels, the flagship store, opened in September, 2008. Economic woes have slowed things down a bit, but developers are forging ahead.

There will be dozens of stores and restaurants, including Best Buy, Lowes, Olive Garden, Bath and Body Works, GameStop, Banana Republic, and many more. Lots of the new establishments are making their first appearances in the Reno/Tahoe region. Also planned are an IMAX theater and the Legends Bay Casino Resort Spa.

The Legends just north of I80 and west of Sparks Blvd. As the name implies, it is next door to Sparks Marina Park.

The Summit Reno

Shopping in Reno Malls Centers Districts Nevada Summit
Photo © Stan White
Just about every big brand that was missing from Reno has set up shop at The Summit. Everything is upscale and first-class. If you aren't into walking, a Summit shuttle runs shoppers around the center. I do question the wisdom of building an outdoor mall in Reno. Plenty of snow falls out by Galena where this one is located, and an icy winter wind whips through the pass from Lake Tahoe.

Stores include Dillards, Century Theatres, Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, William-Sonoma, to name a few. Lots of big names in Reno for the first time.

The Summit is south of downtown Reno, at the corner of S. Virginia Street and the Mt. Rose Highway.

Meadowood Mall

Shopping in Reno Malls Centers Districts Nevada Meadowood Mall
Photo © Stan White
Reno's biggest and best indoor mall is a great place to shop, especially when the weather is funky (i.e., too hot or too cold). The mall sits in the middle of its property, with parking all around. It has several wings radiating from a central plaza, making it easy to get confused about where stuff is. I still get lost in there.

Stores include Macy's, Sears, JC Penney, Disney Store, Bath & Body Works. There are other big chain stores and a few locals.

Meadowood Mall is at the corner of S. McCarran Blvd. and S. Virginia Street. This is one of Reno's busiest intersections; holiday shopping traffic is horrendous.

Redfield Promenade & Firecreek Crossing

Shopping in Reno Malls Centers Districts Nevada Redfield Promenade Firecreek Crossing Mall
Photo © Stan White
These two are across the street from each other and look alot alike. Big boxes take up most of the turf, but there are a few smaller stores and restaurants to be found.

Stores include Borders, Chevy's, Safeway, Circuit City, Wal-Mart, Sam's Club, Old Navy, more.

They are on either side of Kietzke Lane in south Reno, in a triangle between S. Virginia Street and S. McCarran Blvd.

Shopper's Square

Shopping in Reno Malls Centers Districts Nevada Shoppers Square Mall
Photo © Stan White
This place is somewhat unique in Reno. There are no big boxes, yet it is packed with around 50 stores and restaurants. Most are not franchises and appear to be locally owned. It's covered to keep winter chill and summer heat at bay. It's worth an hour or two to wander the aisles and find hidden treasures.

Ben Franklin is probably the only name with wide shopper recognition. Everything else is assorted shops, boutiques, and restaurants.

Find Shopper's Square on the corner of S. Virginia Street and Plumb Lane. It's a busy spot.

Reno Town Mall

Shopping in Reno Malls Centers Districts Nevada Reno Town Mall
Photo © Stan White
Not much in the way of shopping in this old indoor mall. It does, however, house the Sierra View branch library. You'll also find the RSCVA offices and Nevada JobConnect.

Businesses include Raley's Supermarket, Burlington Coat Factory, and a variety of small stores and restaurants.
This mall is on the corner of S. McCarran Blvd. and Peckham Lane, across from the Reno - Sparks Convention Center and the Atlantis Hotel Casino.

Mayberry Landing

Mayberry Landing in Reno, Nevada, NV
Photo courtesy Mitch Gerbus

Mayberry Landing hosts a variety of unique shops. It was built with a focus on maximizing green space and improving the neighborhood, rather than maximizing retail space. There are 19 businesses offering a wide range of services, including a wine store, restaurants, an olive oil store, a spa, two hair salons, a pet store, pet grooming, dry cleaning, pilates, art classes, piano lessons, financial services.

Mayberry Landing is located in west Reno at the intersection of Mayberry Drive and McCarran Boulevard. It's a nice setting and makes for a pleasant shopping experience different from the huge malls.

Smithridge Plaza & Smithridge Center

Shopping in Reno Malls Centers Districts Nevada Smithridge Plaza Center
Photo © Stan White
This is a large, older strip mall, but it's got location, location, location. It's a busy place. The Plaza and Center are two parts of what is really the same center, just bisected by a street. Having some popular stores doesn't hurt, either.

Here you'll find Trader Joe's, Long's Drugs, Toys 'R Us, and numerous other stores and restaurants.

That good location is directly across from Meadowood Mall, at the corner of S. McCarran Blvd. and S. Virginia Street.

Franktown Corners

Shopping in Reno Malls Centers Districts Nevada Franktown Corners Mall
Photo © Stan White
Another old Reno fixture full of local stores, shops, and restaurants. It's got a good location and is indoors, but seems to attract little traffic. There is, however, lots of action out front at the car wash.

The center hosts Booze Bros. and a variety of small stores and restaurants.
Located on the corner of Kietzke Lane and Grove Street.

Southwest Pavilion

Shopping in Reno Malls Centers Districts Nevada Southwest Pavilion Mall
Photo © Stan White
As the name implies, this center strives for a southwest look and is painted pink to enhance the effect. It's nice, though, with a big Scolari's market, a branch post office, and other small stores.

Southwest Pavilion is in a busy location, next to the freeway at 8175 S. Virginia Street, Reno.

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