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Peony Chinese Cuisine

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The Bottom Line

Peony Chinese Cuisine, opened about a year ago, is not your typical Chinese restaurant. The decor is modern, with little of the stuff found in Chinese restaurants of yore (like dragons, paper lanterns, and authentic music). The background music at Peony is relaxing, and there is a full liquor bar. There is also a sushi bar, something I've never seen in a Chinese restaurant.


  • Contemporary, upscale atmosphere
  • Tasty food attractively presented
  • Extensive menu; everyone should find something to like
  • Prompt service, attentive wait staff
  • Full liquor bar and sushi bar


  • Out in northwest Reno; not a particularly convenient location
  • Uses MSG according to waiter; ask for no MSG before ordering
  • A tad pricey, but then this isn't a greasy spoon


  • Large menu with traditional Chinese restaurant items and a number of unusual offerings
  • Authentic and attentive wait staff
  • Pleasant, contemporary atmosphere without loud music, jangling slot machines, or other annoyances
  • Sushi bar with its own chefs (not also cooking for the restaurant)
  • Full liquor bar

Guide Review - Peony Chinese Cuisine

My search for good Chinese food around Reno / Tahoe is ongoing, so I decided to try Peony after finding mention of it in a piece about area dining diversity.

The first thing you'll notice is the decor, which I found pleasant and elegant in a quiet way. Tables and chairs are black and booths are a dark red. The lighting is subdued, but plenty bright enough to see the menu and your companions. I liked the background music because it added to the pleasant atmosphere without overpowering the place. I've never been able to hang with the loud traditional Chinese music some places insist on playing.

You will recognize many of the menu items, along with some unusual offerings like "seafood with tofu in clay pot." We (my wife Jewel and I), played it safe, ordering pot stickers for appetizers, followed by snow peas with water chesnuts and BBQ pork chow mein. The food was brought out quickly, wasn't greasy, and tasted great.

The sushi bar was attended by two chefs and every stool was full. I thought it a bit unusual to have such an offering in a Chinese restaurant, but it appears to do just fine in Peony. The waiter told me it's busy all the time.

Peony Chinese Cuisine is in northwest Reno at 6340 Mae Anne Ave. #2. Phone (775) 747-3288 for information and to order carry-out.

User Reviews

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 1 out of 5
Poor Quality Even Worse Customer Service, Member sceptre007

We have eaten their several times, Chinese is ok, the sushi is not the best quality and service at the sushi bar is VERY SLOW, regardless if it is busy or you are the only one. I brought a business associate there after a round of golf. They sat us next to 3 breeders and their offspring, crying yelling, not the relaxing experience you would expect, even at IHOP. after about 5 minutes of this, I got up, talked to they owner (why do you have babies at the sushi bar?) and moved to a table. We were able to extract a couple orders of yellow tail, that tasted less than fresh. Moved to the table and got ignored. There was only one other table occupied. We gave up. I told Charles, the owner, that I was done. He said I'll get you your check. MY CHECK? After the number of times I'd eaten there, he charged me for the couple orders of sushi we managed to get in 20 minutes. I told Charles he lost my business and will be sure to share this horrendous experience. There are too many choices out there. His bad choice and customer service has made my choice easy. Avoid this place..inconvenient, poor quality and poor customer service.

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