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Images of the People Who Build and Maintain Reno


Reno's workers are the people who build and maintain our streets, buildings, parks, businesses, and all the other places we use every day. They are out there in good weather and bad, helping make Reno and the Truckee Meadows a nice place to live. We tend to take them for granted, but we would sure notice if they didn't help keep things humming along.
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Sky bridge construction, Reno, Nevada.Raising Steel at the Atlantis - Convention Center Sky BridgeReno Fire Department firefighter in action during a training exerciseReno Fire DepartmentMoving rocks in the Truckee River near Idlewild Park in Reno, NevadaMoving Rocks in the Truckee RiverBuilding an overpass pillar at the Atlantis Hotel Casino, Reno, NevadaAtlantis - Convention Center Sky Bridge Construction
New addition at the Atlantis Hotel Casino, Reno, NevadaAddition to the Atlantis Hotel CasinoPedestrian overpass at the Atlantis Hotel Casino, Reno, NevadaPedistrian Sky Bridge at the Atlantis Hotel CasinoVirginia Street revitalization project in downtown Reno, NevadaSpiffing Up Virginia StreetWelder working on the new Reno Aces baseball stadium in downtown Reno, NevadaReno Aces Baseball Stadium
Finish work at the Montage condo project, downtown Reno, NevadaMontage Condo ProjectReno city crew decorating the Holiday Tree in downtown Reno, NevadaCity of Reno Holiday TreeCity of Reno workman repairing the streetsCity of Reno Street MaintenanceSidewalk cleaning at Sierra and First, downtown Reno, NevadaCleaning Up in Downtown Reno
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