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Jewel of the Sierra Nevada Presents Endless Photo Opportunities


To say that Lake Tahoe is a photographer's dream come true is an obvious understatement. Spring, summer, fall, and winter, this Sierra Nevada gem presents unsurpassed photographic opportunities. My favorite times to take pictures are fall and winter. The stark winter landscape, simplified by layers of snow, presents a challenging study in contrasts for the photographer. Fall's splashes of color, complemented by deep blue Lake Tahoe and the evergreen forests filling the Lake Tahoe Basin, make for some spectacular photographic possibilities. Photography is only one of the many recreational options at Lake Tahoe.
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Reno fall color, fall foliage, Lake Tahoe fall color, Sierra Nevada, autumn leavesAspen Grove Near South Lake TahoeHikers on a beach at Lake Tahoe's Emerald BayOn the Beach at Emerald BayLake Tahoe is famous for its clear, blue waterThe Blue Water of Lake TahoeLake Tahoe west shore - view looking south from the Rubicon TrailThe Blue World of Lake Tahoe
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