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Reno River Festival Videos

Kayaks in Motion and More in Downtown Reno


Kayaks in the Truckee River during the Reno River Festival

Kayaks in the Truckee River during the Reno River Festival.

Photo © Stan White Reno River Festival Videos
Photo © Stan White

Enjoy these videos of the Reno River Festival at the Truckee River Whitewater Park. The Reno River Festival is a major event attracting thousands to downtown Reno, Nevada. Kayaking is the main event, but there is much more to this family friendly festival. See more of what goes on at my Reno River Festival photo gallery. Also check out my Run Amuck pictures for a look at the mucky fun to be had during this part of the Reno River Festival. (Note: Run Amuck is no longer an event at the Reno River Festival.)

Reno River Festival Videos

Video clips of kayaking action and the crowd at the Reno River Festival.

Reno River Festival Pictures

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