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Reno Aces 2011 Baseball Game Schedule


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Reno Aces July 2011 Game Schedule
Reno Aces July 2011 Baseball Game Schedule

Reno Aces July 2011 Baseball Game Schedule.

Schedule courtesy Reno Aces Baseball Club
The Reno Aces will be playing a full schedule of home games during 2011. This will be the Aces' third season in Reno. Enjoy the games at the new Aces Ballpark in downtown Reno. The Reno Aces are affiliated with the Arizona Diamondbacks of Major League Baseball and are one of 16 teams in the Pacific Coast League.

Promotions and Fun at Reno Aces Games

Fans attending Reno Aces home games will enjoy numerous promotions, giveaways, and entertainment throughout the season. For 2011, there will be more giveaways, theme nights, and special events than ever. Fireworks will be part of the show after every Friday home game. Every Thursday is a Coors Light Thirsty Thursday™.

July 2011 Promotions

  • Saturday, July 2 - Superhero Cape Giveaway
  • Sunday, July 3 - Independence Day Fireworks
  • Thursday-Saturday, July 14-16 - Salute to Johnny Cash Weekend (Johnny Cash Themed T-Shirts, Fireworks, Player Jerserys)
  • Sunday, July 17 - Beach Towel Giveaway
  • Tuesday, July 19 - Dollar Bone Night ($1 Ribs)
  • Tuesday, July 26 - 50-Cent Hot Dog Night

Reno Aces 2011 Baseball Game Schedule

The schedule is subject to change. Before heading to the stadium, check the Reno Aces website for updates, or call (775) 334-4700.

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