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The Ranch Disc Golf Course

Reno's First Public Disc Golf Course at Rancho San Rafael Park


Players,Ranch Disc Golf Course,Rancho San Rafael Park,Reno,Nevada,NV

Players at the Ranch Disc Golf Course in Reno, Nevada.

Photo courtesy Washoe County Parks

The Ranch Disc Golf Course became Reno's first public disc golf course with and opening ceremony and tournament on Saturday, May 21, 2011. Located in Rancho San Rafael Regional Park in Reno (site of the Great Reno Balloon Race), The Ranch is open to the public and playing the course is free.

Fundraising and labor to build the 18-hole course were provided primarily by the Reno Disc Golf Association (RDGA). RDGA solicited funds and sponsorships from community members and businesses. A big assist with providing the land area came from the Washoe County Department of Regional Parks and Open Space.

What is Disc Golf?

According to RDGA, disc golf is the fastest growing sport in America. The cost of entry is so low just about anyone can play and disc golf provides a fun outdoor activity suitable for families and people of all ages. If you can toss a flying disc (similar to a Frisbee®), you can play disc golf.

Just like regular golf, the object is to complete the course with the fewest number of strokes (tosses of the flying disc in this case). Though they are called holes, what you are shooting for are elevated baskets. Throwing your disc into the basket is the same as sinking a putt. And also like golf with the little white balls, disc golf holes have a designated par for the number of throws from the tee to landing in the basket.

Disc golf courses range from grassy and groomed to mere paths through unimproved country. It's one of the cool things about the sport - since play isn't on the ground, you don't need expansive and expensive landscaping for a disc golf course. The Ranch, for example, is on desert land where only a modest amount of landscaping is required to make a playable course.

Learn More About Disc Golf

The Reno Disc Golf Association (RDGA) is the local source for information about the sport in our area. The RDGA website has an events calendar, pictures, videos, FAQs, membership info, and more about the disc golf scene in Reno. RDGA has tournaments and other activities for beginner, amateur, and pro disc golfers. To learn even more and see just how big disc golf is becoming in the United States, check out the Professional Disc Golf Association.

Location of The Ranch Disc Golf Course

The Ranch Disc Golf Course is located in the north part of Rancho San Rafael Park. This entrance is just north of McCarran Blvd. on N. Virginia Street. There is a large parking lot and playing fields. The disc golf course is laid out around the playing fields and near the National Monument to the Basque Sheepherder.

The main entrance to Rancho San Rafael Regional Park is at 1595 N. Sierra Street. From here, you can access the park's main features, such as the May Arboretum, May Museum, the playground, the dog park, and various picnic areas.

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