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Reno's Mira Loma Park

Lots To Do At Mira Loma Park in Southeast Reno


Mira Loma Park in southeast Reno, Nevada, NV

Mira Loma Park in southeast Reno, Nevada.

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Reno's Mira Loma Park has something for everyone. At the corner of Mira Loma Drive and McCarran Blvd. in southeast Reno, Mira Loma Park features mature trees, large expanses of grass, a rentable picnic shelter, playgrounds, ball fields, tennis and basketball courts, and a flat walking path with a par course all the way around the perimeter. You'll find lots of parking on the west side of Mira Loma Park and more nearby along McCarran Blvd. There is a separate lot at the north end next to Rattlesnake Mountain Skate Park.

What To Do at Mira Loma Park

Mira Loma Park has restroom facilities, a rentable picnic shelter, tennis and basketball courts, horseshoe pits, children's playground, walking paths, acres of grassy areas for games and sports, a baseball diamond, and a fitness course. At the north end of Mira Loma Park you'll find a dirt course for running radio controlled vehicles and the 40,000 square feet of Rattlesnake Mountain Skate Park. There is plenty of parking inside the park, along the west side next to McCarran Boulevard. If that is full (and it sometimes is during soccer season), there is more parking along a strip of the McCarran Boulevard shoulder.

Mira Loma Park does not have a dog park, but nearby Link Piazzo Dog Park opened in September, 2008, adding a popular feature to Hidden Valley Regional Park. It has become a popular attraction for both dogs and their people.

Rattlesnake Mountain Skate Park

Rattlesnake Mountain Skate Park is a popular place, always full of kids whizzing around and jumping from over 30 features designed to enhance the skating experience. The 40,000 square feet of concrete attracts riders on all types of wheeled contraptions - skates, skateboards, bikes, and scooters. Both beginners and advanced riders can have fun at Rattlesnake Mountain Skate Park, honing their skills on a variety of bowls, half pipes, street style banks, curbs, a 170-foot long snake run, complex handrails, launch ramps, flat and round banks, and a big paved hole the size of a backyard pool. In skater lingo, a couple of the features are called "tombstone" and "bridge of death." There is a separate parking lot on the north side of the skate park, with access from McCarran Boulevard.

Location of Mira Loma Park

Mira Loma Park is at 3000 South McCarran Boulevard, at the corner of Mira Loma Drive. It is set in the Donner Springs neighborhood and it's also right next door to the Hidden Valley neighborhood. The parking entrance is from Mira Loma Drive, half a block east from the McCarran Boulevard corner.

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