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Reno Recreation Program Guide

Recreational Activities from the City of Reno, Nevada


Reno Parks and Recreation Program Guide for spring/summer 2014.

Reno Parks and Recreation Program Guide for spring/summer 2014.

Image courtesy City of Reno

The City of Reno Parks, Recreation and Community Services Department publishes a program guide featuring a wealth of information about recreational programs available to the community. Two guides per year are published and provided free of charge - for spring/summer and for fall/winter.

Where to get your Reno Recreation Program Guide

Printed copies of the Reno recreation program guide can be obtained from Reno recreation or administrative facilities throughout the city. Which copy of the brochure is available (spring/summer or fall/winter) depends on the time of year.

  • Southside Administration Offices and Cultural Center, 190 E. Liberty Street, (775) 334-2260
  • Evelyn Mount Northeast Community Center, 1301 Valley Road, (775) 334-2262
  • Neil Road Recreation Center, 3925 Neil Road, (775) 689-8484
  • McKinley Arts and Culture Center, 925 Riverside Drive, (775) 334-2417


Online copies of the recreation guide (in PDF format) are available for free download from the Parks, Recreation and Community Services Department website. The link allows you to open a copy of the recreation guide with Acrobat Reader and/or save a copy to your computer. It's handy to just save a copy so you can refer to it later without having to return to the website.

You can get a program guide by mail. Send your request to Southside Administration Offices, 190 East Liberty Street, Reno, NV 89501, or call (775) 334-2260.

What's in the Reno Recreation Program Guide

In a nutshell, the recreation program guide contains just about everything you need to know about current programs (which vary by season), how to sign-up and register, facilities and where they are located, special events, contact information, and more. Here is an example of the table of contents...

More About Recreation in the Reno area and Nevada

To say that we have an abundance of recreational opportunities is an understatement. In addition to the organized activities presented by our local governments like the City of Reno, City of Sparks, and Washoe County, there are virtually unlimited things to do all across the northern Nevada area and the rest of the Silver State. Here are a few examples...

Play with the Sparks Parks and Recreation Department

The City of Sparks produces a similar publication, also on a twice-a-year seasonal basis. It's the Sparks Recreation Activities Guide and is full of information about programs and things to do through the Sparks Parks and Recreation Department.

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