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Rentable Park Shelters and Pavillions in the Reno Area


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Reno Parks Rentable Reservable Shelters
Reno Municipal Rose Garden at Idlewild Park in Reno, Nevada

Reno Municipal Rose Garden at Idlewild Park in Reno, Nevada. This garden can be rented for weddings and other functions.

Photo © Stan White

You will find a variety of rentable park shelter facilities at several of Reno's public parks. The phone number to find out about current rental rates and to make reservations is (775) 334-2260. Hours during which you may rent a park shelter during the summer months are 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. It's 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. during the off-season.

As you would expect, there are numerous rules involved with renting a park shelter. Rental fees and requirements vary depending on the type of event you may be hosting. Get more details by calling Reno Parks, Recreation & Community Services at (775) 334-2260 or download the Reservable Park Shelter Brochure.

Reservations for park shelters will be taken beginning on the first business day in October for the upcoming year. Rentals are taken on a first come, first served basis.

Here are the Reno parks with rentable shelters, along with addresses and the area of the city in which they are located...

  • Huffaker Park, 1160 E. Huffaker Ln. (Southeast)
  • Miguel Ribera Park, 3925 Neil Rd. (Southeast)
  • Mira Loma Park, 3000 S. McCarran Blvd. (Southeast)
  • Pickett Park, 250 Kirman Ave. (Southeast)
  • Idlewild Park - Terrace, 1805 Idlewild Dr. (Southwest)
  • Idlewild Park - Snowflake, 1805 Idlewild Dr. (Southwest)
  • Idlewild Park - Rose Garden, 1805 Idlewild Dr. (Southwest)
  • Manzanita Park, 630 Manzanita Ln. (Southwest)
  • Virginia Lake Park, 1980 Lakeside Dr. (Southwest)
  • Dick Taylor Memorial Park, 1140 Beech St. (Northeast)
  • Pat Baker Park, 1910 Bishop St. (Northeast)
  • Teglia's Paradise Park-Pavilion, 2745 Elementary Dr. (Northeast)
  • Canyon Creek Park, 1485 Robb Dr. (Northwest)
  • Las Brisas Park, 5950 Las Brisas (Northwest)
  • Northgate Park, 6450 Moonridge Terrace (Northwest)
  • Whitaker Park, 550 University Terrace (Northwest)
  • Silver Lake Park, 8855 Red Baron Blvd. (North Valleys)


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