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Two Gallon Trips Around Reno

Things To Do Around Reno on Two Gallons or Less


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Wingfield Park, downtown Reno

Photo © Stan White
If you live around Reno and Sparks, there is plenty to do within a two gallon radius of the Truckee Meadows. You will have to define your own distance since I don't know whether you are driving a Hummer or Honda. In some cases, you can get to the fun without buying any gas at all. Just because you can't afford to buy much gas doesn't mean you have to hunker down at home.

Visit Reno Parks

There are literally dozens of Reno, Sparks, and Washoe County public parks within striking distance of two gallons. The choices offer activities to please adults, children, and even dogs.

Reno and Sparks Dog Parks

Dogs want to have fun, too. They can run free and play with their peers at these Reno and Sparks dog parks.

Get Wet in Reno and Sparks: Swimming, Boating, Tubing

This may be a desert, but there are great places for swimming and water play around Reno and Sparks.

Reno and Sparks Amusement Parks and Play Places

Visit a water park, play miniature golf, scare yourself on thrill rides, or race go-karts; there is no shortage of ways to amuse yourself close to home.

Reno and Sparks Museums and Zoos

Fall and Winter Around Reno and Sparks

Other Reno and Sparks Attractions

Reno and Sparks Public Transportation

In many cases, you can get to these activities on the bus and not buy any gas at all. Check the RTC RIDE schedule for the bus schedule and bus stops near you. And remember, you can ride around the downtown Reno area for free on Sierra Spirit buses.

Reno and Sparks Events, Dining, and Entertainment

There's still more within two gallons...

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