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Reno / Tahoe Bloggers and Their Blogs

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It's a wide and wild world out there in the Reno / Tahoe blogosphere, and beyond. I've tried to sort out the active blogs I found, but there is a fair amount of fuzziness to my categories and I'm sure I missed some. Feel free to email me if you find a glaring omission.

The nature of the blog beast is such that people speak their minds, frequently without too much concern for whoever might be offended (sometimes that's the point). Some bloggers aren't too picky about their language, either. Consider yourself forewarned. Remember, About.com isn't responsible for the content of the listed blogs and neither am I.

With the advent of social media - Facebook, Twitter, etc. - blogs seem to be some thing of a dinosaur. Nevertheless, some bloggers are still at it, just not as many as before.

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