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Getting Married in Reno

Have Your Wedding in Reno or at Lake Tahoe


Lake Tahoe wedding, getting married at Lake Tahoe, Nevada

Lake Tahoe wedding.

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Look forward to a joyous occasion if you are planning your wedding in Reno or at Lake Tahoe. There are many wedding chapels from which to choose, as well as hotel casinos that can arrange every detail for you and your guests. Our wedding facilities have been at it for a long time and really know how to take care of you. One of our daughters was married up at Lake Tahoe and another in Las Vegas. Both weddings were professionally handled and lots of fun for everyone. We've even attended a wedding on a sailboat in the middle of Lake Tahoe. If you want to get married, Reno / Tahoe is a great place to tie the knot.

Marriage Licenses in the Reno / Lake Tahoe Region

Reno / Tahoe area marriage licenses are easily obtained and most wedding chapels will help you with the paperwork so your wedding day is happy rather than a hassle.

Reno / Lake Tahoe Wedding Chapels, Hotel Casinos, and Wedding Alternatives

After Your Reno / Lake Tahoe Wedding

After your wedding, there are plenty of things to do and see right here in the Reno / Tahoe region. There's bound to be something of interest.

Book Lake Tahoe Tours and Activities

Getting married at Lake Tahoe is lots more fun if you do something special, besides just get married. Here are some tours and activities to make your Lake Tahoe sojourn a truly memorable experience.

Soar with Lake Tahoe Helicopter Tours

Fun on the Water at Lake Tahoe Lake Tahoe Carriage Rides, Romantic Dinners, and Photo Tours Winter Fun at Lake Tahoe

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