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greenUP! Reno

Building a Sustainable Reno / Tahoe Community


greenUP! Reno Sparks Washoe County Nevada

greenUP! Campaign

Logo Image Courtesy greenUP! Steering Committee

greenUP! Defined

greenUP! is is a promotional campaign composed of a a number of public and private organizations and businesses in the Reno area. To quote from the website, "GreenUP! seeks to spread the word about the power of sustainability to benefit our business sector and community as a whole." Environmental and economic sustainability is at the heart of the greenUP! message. To promote these goals, greenUP! seeks to raise community awareness of projects, programs, resources, and businesses with green practices as a major part of their focus.

Visit About GreenUP! to learn more about sustainable business practices and what the organization is doing in the community. You can also see what's happening on the GreenUP! Reno Facebook page.

greenUP! Events

To recognize and promote sustainability, greenUP! currently sponsors two events in the Reno area...

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