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Nevada Sex Offender Registry

How to Search for Sex Offenders in Your Neighborhood


Updated July 01, 2010
The Nevada Sex Offender Registry is available to the public through a website established by state law (NRS 179B.250). Public access to information about serious and high-risk sex offenders was made possible through passage of Megan's Law on the federal level and all states have versions in place today.

How to Search the Nevada Sex Offender Registry

The registry search page offers various ways to find out if a Tier 2 (moderate risk) or Tier 3 (high risk) sex offender is living in your area. You can search using a number of criteria listed, such as city, zip code, address, vehicle license number, etc. The more information you can enter, the better the result will be when trying to zero in on a particular area. The system returns an extensive set of information about offenders in the registry. Sex offenders assessed at Tier 1 (low risk) are not included in search results.

Sex Offenders in Reno, Sparks, and Washoe County

The Regional Sex Offender Notification Unit is a cooperative effort between the Reno Police Department, Sparks Police Department, and Washoe County Sheriff's Office. They maintain an online list of high-risk sex offenders. Information available includes name, a photo if available, date of birth, and block and street of residence. For more information, contact the Regional Sex Offender Notification Unit at (775) 334-2007.

The Reno Gazette-Journal maintains an online photo gallery of sex offenders not in compliance - they have not complied with the annual reverification process or are known to reside in Nevada and have not registered as a sex offender.

Responsible Use of the Nevada Sex Offender Registry

The Nevada Department of Public Safety issues this warning to users of sex offender registry information - "Under the provisions of state law and as further defined by the State Attorney General, this information is provided for general public safety. A person is authorized to use this information only to protect him/herself or a child who may be at risk. The release of this information to the public is meant to assure public protection, not to punish the offender. It is illegal to use information obtained through this web site to commit a crime against a registered sex offender or to engage in discrimination or harassment against a registered sex offender. Anyone who uses this information to commit a criminal act against another person is subject to criminal prosecution and/or civil action."

The Reno / Sparks / Washoe County Regional Sex Offender Notification Unit issues a similar caution to those seeking information about sex offenders living in our area. Authority to operate the Regional Sex Offender Notification Unit is provided by Nevada state law - NRS 179D.

Sources: Nevada Department of Public Safety, Regional Sex Offender Notification Unit, Reno Gazette-Journal.

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