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Filing a Business Complaint in Reno

Getting Satisfaction When You Have a Business Beef


Reno businesses are just as prone to creating problems for customers as those anywhere else. Though thankfully rare, it does happen and it's good to know how to approach getting satisfaction by resolving problems in the proper manner.

Try the Do-It-Yourself Approach

Most businesses will try to work with you to resolve an issue. Approach the person who has the power to make adjustments rather than a clerk or other employee with no such authority. Most of the time your complaint will be dealt with right here and you'll go away with a satisfactory resolution. If not and you feel the need to pursue the matter, further steps can be taken.

Of course, this advice only applies to legitimate businesses. Real fraud artists and scammers couldn't care less and you'll need to get help if they've managed to take you in.

Better Business Bureau of Northern Nevada

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) was created to help both consumers and businesses. If you have a problem with a BBB accredited business, you have a good chance of getting it resolved to everyone's satisfaction. Businesses pay for BBB accreditation, giving them a real incentive to keep customers happy. If that doesn't happen, customers can file a complaint.

The BBB accepts complaints whether or not a business is a BBB member. Some complaints, however, do not fall within areas handled by the BBB system. Some of these include employment practices, discrimination, and issues being litigated. Before filing, check the BBB Complaint Acceptance Guidelines.

The Better Business Bureau of Northern Nevada is located at 991 Bible Way, Reno, NV 89502. (775) 322-0657 or toll-free (within Nevada) (888) 350-4222.

Withold Credit Card Payment

The terms of many credit cards allow you to stop and withold payment if you have a dispute with a business or merchant. Check yours to see if you have such an option. Using this tool might be all that is needed to come to an amicable agreement over issues with goods or services.

Buy from Locally-Owned Reno / Tahoe Businesses

I think shopping for goods and services with locally-owned Reno / Tahoe businesses is one of the best ways to come out ahead all the way around. People running these businesses inherently have way more incentive to deal with customers in a fair and friendly manner than any big chain store will ever have. Not only that, the money you spend locally tends to stick around and benefit the community in numerous other ways rather than vanishing from our economy into the coffers of some big corporation that doesn't give a hoot about the Reno / Tahoe economy (except for the money it can bleed out and take away).

More Resources for Dispute Resolution

Bureau of Consumer Protection - The Bureau of Consumer Protection is part of the Nevada Attorney General's office. Here is a summary of this bureau's role as stated on the Attorney General's website - "While the Bureau of Consumer Protection (BCP) would like to act on all correspondence it receives, legal and/or practical limitations require BCP to focus its deceptive trade efforts on cases involving a pattern of fraudulent activity that substantially affects the public interest. BCP can not represent individual consumers in these cases, nor can BCP assist individual consumers with their own private legal disputes."

Update on the Nevada Consumer Affairs Division - This division was eliminated from the Nevada Department of Business and Industry because of defunding by the Nevada State Legislature during its 2009 session. Here is the official explanation... "The Nevada Consumer Affairs Division was the sole state agency that could pursue deceptive trade allegations via administrative enforcement seeking a resolution between the business and consumers, often pursuing mediation for consumer restitution. With its temporary elimination, the Consumer Affairs Division is no longer able to accept or process individual complaints. For additional information on the closure of the Consumer Affairs Division, please contact the Nevada Department of Business and Industry at (702) 486-7355."

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