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We help Reno / Tahoe residents get up and running quickly. Find out about jobs, turning on utilities, car registration, public transit, shopping, taxes, and more. There is also relocation information for those comtemplating a move to Reno / Tahoe.
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Crime in Reno
Learn about crime in Reno neighborhoods, including statistics and Washoe County police agencies an crime prevention programs.

Fire Departments in Reno and Washoe County
Fire departments in Reno and Washoe County, Nevada, offer fire protection and other services.

Auto Tour Guide Book for Reno / Lake Tahoe Area
Learn about the geology and natural history of the Reno / Lake Tahoe area with auto tours described in this book.

Top Places for Kids' Birthday Parties in Reno
Reno has a bunch of kids' birthday party places. There is a birthday party venue available for almost anything your child would like to do.

Where Kids Eat Free in Reno and Sparks
Places where kids eat free and / or cheap around the Reno / Tahoe area.

Washoe County School District Calendar
Here is the Washoe County School District calendar for those schools observing a traditional schedule.

How to Submit an Event
Follow these guidelines to submit your events for publication on RenoTahoe.About.com.

Rentable Park Shelters and Pavillions in the Reno Area
Parks in Reno, Nevada, have rentable shelters, pavillions, and facilities for children's birthday parties and just about any other type of family gathering or event you may have in mind.

Reno Bike Riding Routes and Trails
Learn about bicycle riding and bike routes and trails around the Reno region of northern Nevada.

Top Family Fun Things to Do in Reno
These places for family activities in the Reno area include options for things to do both indoors and outside.

Workforce Development and Continuing Education
Learn about Truckee Meadows Community College (TMCC) courses for personal enrichment, job training, and professional advancement.

Top Places for Outside Dining in Downtown Reno
You have several excellent choices for outside dining in downtown Reno, Nevada.

Free Classes about Gardening in Nevada
Learn about gardening in Reno and northern Nevada, presented the Grow Your Own, Nevada! program from the University of Nevada Cooperative Extension.

Free Classes about Gardening in Nevada
Learn about gardening in northern Nevada from the experts. Free classes from Washoe County Regional Parks and Open Space and University of Nevada Cooperative Extension.

Things To Do During Spring Break in Reno
Check here for a variety of spring break activities around Reno and Sparks for children and families.

Things To Do During Fall Break in Reno
Check here for a variety of fall break activities around Reno for children and families.

Winter Break Camps for Kids in Reno and Sparks
Winter break camps and activities in Reno and Sparks give children something to do until school starts up again in January.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day in Reno
Reno events and celebrations commemorating the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day holiday in Reno and northern Nevada.

Reno Webcams
Webcams are located in a variety of locations around Reno. The City of Reno operates a set of webcams showing downtown, the Truckee River Whitewater Park, and other locations that may change from time to time. Other webcams are operated by various government agencies, ski resorts, businesses, and colleges and universities around the Reno / Tahoe...

Let's Go Fishing in Reno
The Reno / Tahoe area has numerous places for kids and families to enjoy fishing, as well as challenging waters for experienced anglers.

2014 Primary Election Results from Reno, Sparks and Washoe County
These are the winning candidates in the 2014 Primary Election in Reno, Sparks, and Washoe County, Nevada.

2014 Reno City Council Elections
Candidates for Reno City Council in 2014 and more about the 2014 Reno City Council elections.

2014 Primary Election Partisan Office Candidates in Reno and Washoe County
These are the candidates running for partisan offices in the 2014 Primary Election in Reno, Sparks, and Washoe County, Nevada.

2014 Primary Election Nonpartisan Office Candidates in Reno and Washoe County
Meet the candidates running for nonpartisan offices in the 2014 Primary Election in Reno, Sparks, and Washoe County, Nevada.

Avoiding Scams & Fraud in Reno
Reno residents, learn how to avoid being a scam or fraud victim and know how to fight back against scammers and fraudster criminals. Get informantion about scams and frauds in the Reno Lake Tahoe area of Nevada, NV.

Volunteering in Reno
Volunteering in Reno is a wonderful way to give back to the community through public service and help those in need by participating in the American tradition of volunteerism. The ways to volunteer listed here are some of the major opportunities available in the Reno / Tahoe area.

Filing a Business Complaint in Reno
Ways in Reno to resolve complaints and issues with businesses and merchants. Get satisfaction when you have a complain about a business in Reno, Nevada, NV.

Reno / Tahoe Wildfire Safety
Wildfires around Reno and Lake Tahoe are threats to life and property. Learn to prevent wildfires and stay safe when wildfires occur in the Reno area.

Nevada Sex Offender Registry
The Nevada Sex Offender Registry provides an online searchable database that allows citizens to learn about and find registered sex offenders in their neighborhood and area.

Water Use, Issues, and Recreation in Reno
Reno's arid climate makes water a topic around which many important issues revolve. Among these are water quality, deciding who gets how much from a finite supply, and the recreational use of water.

Top Reno Nurseries & Garden Centers
Nurseries and garden centers in the Reno area will help you get started with gardening, plant selection, landscaping, accessories, and all the things you need to successfully grow both food and ornamental gardens in our northern Nevada climate zone.

Contribute and Share on RenoTahoe.About.com
There are numerous ways for you to contribute to RenoTahoe.About.com and I encourage you to do so. Check out my Reno blogs, forum, and other ways to add your information to RenoTahoe.About.com.

Radon in Reno
Learn about the radon hazard that exists in the Reno area, and what you can and should do about it to protect your family.

Cut Your Own Christmas Tree
Enjoy a family outing by getting your own Christmas tree. Christmas tree cutting permits are available from the Bureau of Land Management and the U.S. Forest Service for areas in the Reno / Tahoe region.

How I Started My Locally-Owned Business
Reno's locally-owned businesses are a fundamental part of the Reno / Tahoe economy. Locally-owned business owners employ thousands of workers, support local government through their taxes, donate to area charities and events, and help keep the dollars circulating here rather than heading out of town.

Back To School Information for Reno
Reno's back to school time is one filled with excitement, trepidation, and uncertainty for both students and parents. With the Washoe County School District on a 12 month schedule, it's hard to know which public schools open when, and even where children in a particular neighborhood are supposed to attend classes.

Top Free Places to Cool Off Around Reno / Tahoe
These free water play places are at public parks and beaches throughout the Reno, Sparks, and Lake Tahoe area. They are popular places during hot weather.

Top Cool Things About Reno
Reno has been working on reinventing itself for years and it's showing in numerous ways. Reno's downtown redevelopment has transformed the face of the city in dramatic ways - the train trench, Riverwalk, condo conversions of old casinos, and the Reno Aces Ballpark to name a few.

Top Family Fun Things to Do in Reno
These places for family activities in the Reno area include options for things to do both indoors and outside.

Reno Penny Pinchers Guide - Places in Reno To Save Money on G…
Around the Reno / Tahoe region, there are numerous places to get what you need and want without paying too much. In some cases, you can get good stuff and have fun without paying anything at all.

Reno Safe Place Program
Safe Place in Reno is part of a nationwide program that provides a first step for youth at risk or in crisis. Various community organizations, government agencies, and businesses collaborate to provide places where immediate safety and help is available, and offer support services to both young people and their families.

Reno Credit Unions Offer Banking Services, Without the Bank
Reno credit unions provide the same services as banks, with one big difference - customers are members of the organization who profit from its success and have a say in how it is run. Members actually vote for the board, which is charged with providing value and good service to members. Credit unions are nonprofit organizations and in good financial health.

Getting Married in Reno
Look forward to a joyous occasion if you are planning your wedding in Reno or at Lake Tahoe. There are many wedding chapels from which to choose, along with hotel casinos that can arrange every detail for you and your guests.

Reno Penny Pincher's Guide
Around Reno, Nevada, NV, there are numerous places to get what you need and want without paying too much. In some cases, you can get good stuff and have fun without paying anything at all.

Fall Things To Do Around Reno and Lake Tahoe
Reno's fall season is a great time to be out and about, enjoying the pleasures of living in the Reno / Tahoe region. Numerous activities compete for your attention, from organized events to quiet hikes through aspen groves of golden fall color at Lake Tahoe. Many of my suggestions are suitable for everyone, so take the family on a fall outing to...

Fall Color in the Reno and Northern Nevada Region
Reno and northern Nevada may be in the dry Great Basin, but we have beautiful fall color displays if you know where and when to look.

Fall Color in the Lake Tahoe and Eastern Sierra Region
Areas around Lake Tahoe and the Eastern Sierra Nevada mountains have beautiful fall color displays if you know where to go and when to look.

Reno Baseball Stadium Construction
Before Reno's Triple-A baseball stadium broke ground in February, 2008, there was Reno Fire Department's Station 1, a couple of run down motels, abandonded railroad tracks, and emply lots. Then along came SK Baseball and things haven't been the same since.

Going Green in Reno
Green living in Reno is supported by numerous green living resources, programs, and information. From recycling to conserving water to buying locally grown food, there are lots of ways to adopt green living in Reno.

Two Gallon Trips Around Reno and Sparks
Reno and Sparks have numerous things to do within a two gallon radius of the Truckee Meadows. Save gas, save money, and enjoy activities in Reno and Sparks.

Reno / Tahoe Recycling of Compact Flourescent Lights
Reno / Tahoe residents switching from incandescent light bulbs to compact flourescent lights (CFLs) is pretty much a no-brainer if you want to save money and help reduce the amount of fossil fuel burned by Sierra Pacific Power.

Reno / Tahoe Water Play
Learn about water play safety in rivers and lakes around Reno.

Beat the Reno / Tahoe Heat
Reno / Tahoe has hot summers and a high elevation, creating health concerns for people sensitive to high temperatures and exposure to UV radiation from the sun.

Earthquakes Rocking Reno / Tahoe
Earthquakes are shaking Reno / Tahoe. Nevada ranks third among the most seismically active U.S. states, after California and Alaska.

Flood Preparedness
The Truckee River flood plain includes much of Reno and Sparks. Learn how to be prepared for flooding and what's being done to control the risk.

Reno / Tahoe Bloggers and Their Blogs
Blogs and bloggers from Reno, Lake Tahoe, and Nevada.

Down at the Carwash
Don't laugh. After you've been here a while, you'll understand why I'm providing you with a list of carwashes in the Reno / Tahoe area. Between windy dusty days and muddy wet winters, plenty of crud accumulates on even the finest ride. Keep your car clean at a car wash near you.

Recycling Christmas Trees in Reno
Don't just dump it - recycle your natural Christmas tree in Reno and Sparks with Keep Truckee Meadows Beautiful (KTMB).

Results from the 77th Regular Session of the Nevada Legislature in 2013
Summary of new laws passed by the 77th Regular Session of the Nevada Legislature in 2013.

Nevada Humane Society (NHS)
The Nevada Humane Society (NHS) in Reno is a non-profit organization supported by both monetary donations and volunteers. NHS operates a no-kill animal shelter providing adoption services, low-cost spay and neuter clinics, and care for homeless animals.

Nevada Legislature
The Nevada Legislature meets on a biennial basis (every two years) and is one of only six states with legislatures on this schedule. The Legislature is composed of a 42 member Assembly and a 21 member Senate. Biennial regular sessions are limited to 120 days.

greenUP! Reno
greenUP! is a campaign to create awareness of environmentally sound and sustainable practices, products, and activities around Reno, Sparks, Lake Tahoe, Washoe County, Northern Nevada.

Reno New Year's Resolutions
Here are some New Year's resolutions to consider, and a chance for you to tell us about yours.

76th Regular Session of the Nevada Legislature
The 76th regular session of the Nevada Legislature begins on February 7, 2011. Biennial (every two years) sessions of the Nevada Legislature are limited by law to 120 days. The Nevada Legislature is composed of a 42 member Assembly and a 21 member Senate. The Governor may call special sessions of the Legislature if the need arises between...

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