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Old Southwest Reno Neighborhood Profile


Old Southwest Reno Nevada Neighborhoods

Big trees line the streets in Old Southwest Reno

Photo © Stan White

What's It Like:

Big old trees line the streets and the houses date back to the early 1900s, when homes were built one at a time, all different. You will find tiny brick cottages and literal mansions sharing the same block. Perhaps genteel is the word to describe Old Southwest; not old genteel like, say, Charleston, SC, but Wild West genteel, befitting a town settled by, among others, pioneer-types looking to strike it rich. It's a quiet neighborhood, reminiscent of how things used to be.


The Old Southwest neighborhood is south of the Truckee River down to the Plumb Lane area, and west of S. Virginia Street over to about Hunter Lake Drive. My description is purposely vague; others will define it a bit differently. We will all agree, though, that the heart of the matter lies in the quarter closest to the Truckee River and S. Virginia Street.

Walk Score:

80 out of 100 - Very Walkable. (Walk Score describes area amenities and estimates the walkability of a neighborhood using the address entered for its search.)

Real Estate Notes:

Expensive describes Old Southwest homes. Don't expect to move into even one of the small ones for much less than 500K. Proximity to downtown Reno is a big factor, and so is the craze to possess a unique and historic home. You'll be hard pressed to find a newer dwelling in Old Southwest. Every day crews are working somewhere in the neighborhood preserving and fixing up these fine old homes.

Nearby Public Schools:

Mt. Rose Elementary School
You couldn't build a new school today that would fit into Old Southwest better than Mt. Rose School. It is the only one of four similar schools build around 1912 that carries on with its original purpose.
915 Lander Street, Reno, NV 89509. (775) 333-5030.

Vaughn Middle School
1200 Bresson Ave., Reno, NV 89502. (775) 333-5160.

Reno High School
395 Booth St., Reno, NV 89509. (775) 333-5050

Post Office:

Reno's Downtown Post Office is another historic building and a shining example of Art Deco design from the 1930s.
50 S. Virginia St. FL 1, Reno, NV 89501-1972. (775) 786-5936 or (800) ASK-USPS.

Calling the Cops:

To ask questions and request information, the non-emergency number for Reno PD is 775-334-2121. For real, life-threatening police emergencies, always dial 911. That also goes for medical and fire emergencies.

Getting Reno City Government Assistance:
The gatekeeper for city information and services requests is called Reno DIRECT. Phone (775) 334-2099 and you'll get a live human (though you might have to wait your turn).

Nearby Shopping:

Old Southwest is next door to Reno's downtown shopping zone, The Riverwalk District. No big boxes anywhere in sight.

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