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Pictures of Virginia City, Nevada

Nevada History in the Comstock National Historic District


Virginia City is a place right out of the Old West. Visitors will find intact many of the places that made it one of the richest spots on Earth during its late 1800s heyday. You can stroll the wooden sidewalks, have a drink in a saloon, learn the history in numerous museums, tour a mine, and marvel at how millions in silver and gold were wrested from the bleak environment on the side of Mt. Davidson. Today, tourism is the main industry - you will have fun visiting this throwback to the past.
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View north on C St., Virginia City's main dragView North on C Street, Virginia City's Main DragBucket of Blood Saloon, Virginia City, NevadaSign on the Bucket of Blood Saloon, Virginia City, NevadaSuicide Table inside the Delta Saloon, Virginia City, NevadaSuicide Table in the Delta SaloonPicture window view from the Bucket of Blood Saloon, Virginia City, NevadaView From the Bucket of Blood Saloon in Virginia City
Storey County Courthouse, still in use in Virginia City, NevadaStorey County Courthouse, Virginia City, NevadaStrolling the wooden sidewalks in Virginia City, NevadaWooden Sidewalks in Virginia City, NevadaChandelier graces the decor in a Virginia City saloonChandelier Hanging in a Virginia City SaloonView south on C St., main drag through Virginia City, NevadaView South on C St., Virginia City's Main Street
Inside Piper's Opera House, Virginia City, NevadaPiper's Opera House, Virginia City, NevadaClass portrait from the Forth Ward School, Virginia City, NevadaStudents at the Fourth Ward SchoolFourth Ward School in Virginia City, now a museumFourth Ward School, Virginia City, NevadaOld mansion overlooks the hills east of Virginia City, NevadaVirginia City Mansion With a View
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