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McCarran Ranch Preserve


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Getting to the McCarran Ranch Preserve
McCarran Ranch Preserve, Truckee River, visitor activities, fishing, Reno, Nevada, NV

Fishing in the Truckee River is one of the activities visitors can enjoy at the McCarran Ranch Preserve east of Reno and Sparks, Nevada.

Photo © Stan White

The McCarran Ranch Preserve opened to the public in mid-2012. The Preserve provides access to a stretch of the Truckee River that had been closed for over a century. To get there, take Interstate 80 east from Reno / Sparks to the Patrick exit #28 (it's about 15 miles). Take Waltham Way south and go across the Truckee River. After crossing the river, keep right at intersection and then turn right onto Wild Horse Canyon Drive. The road to the trailhead is another right turn in approximately 1/4 mile. There is a small sign at this turn directing you to the trailhead. It's still an undeveloped dirt parking area, but a set in interpretive signs at the beginning of the walking / biking trail will assure you that you've found the right place. The Nature Conservancy's trails map will help you find the Preserve and pathways leading through the area. The Preserve is open to visitors from dawn to dusk.

Sources: Nature Conservancy McCarran Ranch Preserve website, Nature Conservancy Field Notes: Conservation News in Nevada.

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