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Wild River Grille Restaurant Review

The Wild River Grille is a pleasant choice for lunch along the Riverwalk in Reno. It is within easy walking distance for those who work downtown and for visitors staying in nearby hotels.

Black Rock Pizza

Black Rock Pizza in Sparks has some of the best food in the area, with unique pizza, salads, and other Italian-style dishes. Drinks include micro-brews and excellent wines. Bring the family.

Silver Peak Grill and Taproom

Silver Peak Grill and Taproom is a good choice for lunch in downtown Reno, Nevada, and a nice change from fast food or casino ambience.

Reno In-N-Out Burger

Reno's In-N-Out Burger is simple; hamburgers, fries, shakes, soda. Service is good and you know exactly what you're going to get.

Murrieta's Mexican Restaurant and Cantina

Murrieta's Mexican Restaurant and Cantina has excellent Mexican food, good service, and a full bar. Locations in Reno and Sparks, Nevada

La Posada Real Mexican Restaurant & Bar

La Posada Real is a family run Mexican restaurant headed up by owner Abel Del Real. The atmosphere is casual and both service and food are good. There is a full bar that specializes in, what else, margaritas. La Posada Real is a good choice if Mexican dining is on your dining out menu.

Indian Garden Restaurant Review

It's not fancy, but Indian Garden Restaurant serves up some of the best Indian food in the whole area. Prices are reasonable and service is good. You will, however, have to get over what I thought was a jarring combination of colors in the decor - chartreuse walls, orange trim, dark blue and tan booths. If good Indian food is the goal, Indian Garden is worth the price of admission.

India Kabab and Curry Restaurant

India Kabab and Curry Restaurant in Reno has great good in a pleasant atmosphere. If you like Indian food, this restaurant is a good choice.

Palais de Jade Restaurant Review

The Palais de Jade Chinese restaurant isn't in a ritzy location, but don't let that fool you - this is a nice place to eat. It is comfortably decorated without being over done. You feel like you are in a quality place, but this being Reno, it's okay if you are in casual dress.

Peony Chinese Cuisine

Peony Chinese Cuisine is not your typical Chinese restaurant. The decor is modern, with little of the stuff found in Chinese restaurants of yore. The background music is relaxing, and there is a full liquor bar and a sushi bar.

Reno House Seats

Reno House Seats is a membership service for getting tickets to casino shows, concerts, sporting events, live music, touring shows, and more.

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