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Burning Man is a unique art festival and gathering that takes place north of Reno in the Black Rock Desert. My Burning Man pictures give you an idea of what it's like, but Burning Man is one of those events that defies description; you've got to go to fully understand Burning Man. The Black Rock Desert playa is harsh and remote; read through my Burning Man articles and the Burning Man website to get an understanding of what's involved. Being properly prepared is the way to fully enjoy the unique experience Burning Man has to offer and will help you be a successful Burner.
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Nighttime on the playa at Burning ManNighttime is the Right Time at Burning ManKissing Booth in Black Rock City at Burning ManKissing Booth in Black Rock CityPatriotic playa machine at Burning Man 2008 - The American DreamRed, White, and Blue on the PlayaBurners stroll the streets of Black Rock City during Burning ManStrolling the Streets of Black Rock City
Moving day in Black Rock City at Burning ManChanging Addresses in Black Rock CityBurners on the playa. View from the Babylon tower at Burning ManBurners & Bikes on the Playa at Burning ManThe Temple at Burning Man 2008The TempleBurners swarm over The Temple at Burning ManBurners at The Temple in Black Rock City
The Man 2008 - Burning Man theme "The American Dream."The Man at Burning Man 2008View of Black Rock City and the playa from the Babylon towerBlack Rock City View from the Babylon TowerBurning Man interactive art on the Black Rock playaKinetic Art at Burning ManNighttime at Center Camp in Black Rock CityCenter Camp at Night
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