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Earth Day in Reno

Earth Day around Reno / Tahoe gives us a great selection of both environmentally friendly functions and days on which to enjoy them.

Earth Day in Reno and at Lake Tahoe
Earth Day in Reno and at Lake Tahoe gives us a great selection of environmentally friendly activities everyone can enjoy while learning to tread gently on Mother Earth.

Reno Earth Day Videos
Reno Earth Day videos give you a look at the annual Earth Day celebration in Reno, Nevada. Idlewild park is the setting for this family-friendly festival of fun and learning about recycling, alternative energy, sustainability, and ways to protect the environment.

Earth Day Celebration Pictures
The Earth Day Celebration in Reno brings the community together with environmental education, Earth-friendly product displays, good food and drink, and lots of entertainment. This is a fun day for the whole family. In accordance with City of Reno policy for special events, please leave your pets at home.

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