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Top Places for Outside Dining in Downtown Reno


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Campo Reno
Campo restaurant, dining in downtown Reno, Nevada, NV

Campo restaurant in downtown Reno has a nice outside dining patio overlooking the Truckee River.

Photo © Stan White

Campo in downtown Reno has become a popular dining spot since opening in late 2011. Campo bills itself as a neighborhood restaurant and place to meet and eat. The menu literally changes daily, depending on what is available in the way of fresh, local, and seasonal ingredients. If you order pizza, it comes hot from a woodfired pizza oven.

There is plenty of inside seating and a full bar. Outside dining is available on a raised patio overlooking the Truckee River. It's really a nice spot.

Campo is located on the southwest corner of the Palladio condos building, 50 N. Sierra Street, Reno, NV 89501. Reservations are recommended, which can be made online or by calling (775) 737-9555. Campo is open seven days a week - click here for the hours.

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