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Gourmet Food Trucks in Reno - No Roach Coaches Here


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Gourmet Food Trucks gather for Food Truck Fridays
A big crowd enjoys Food Truck Fridays at CitiCenter in downtown Reno, Nevada, NV

A big crowd enjoys Food Truck Fridays at CitiCenter in downtown Reno, Nevada.

Photo © Stan White

Food Truck Fridays became Reno's newest downtown event in April, 2012. The first ever Food Truck Friday drew a crowd of hundreds to Reno's CitiCenter, at the corner of N. Center Street and E. 4th Street, During its first year, Food Truck Fridays is scheduled to happen on the first Friday of the month through October. Come for a selection of different dining offerings from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. You can also grab a beer from the booth set up by Great Basin Brewing Company of Sparks.

Like any new event, there are a few bugs to work out with Food Truck Fridays. Among those I've heard about are parking hassles and long lines at the food trucks. As the event matures, however, these issues will be dealt with and Food Truck Fridays will become a fun event that continues to attract people to have fun in downtown Reno.

Reno's food trucks aren't your father's roach coaches. And they aren't all trucks, either. Some are trailers, which doesn't really matter when the idea is to get something good to eat. The food offered from these mobile dining establishments is tasty, cooked fresh, and often made with locally grown ingredients. Reno's contingent of rolling eateries, also known as gourmet food trucks, ranges from American favorites like grilled cheese and hot dogs to pizza, frozen desserts, and BBQ. There is literally something for every taste at Food Truck Fridays, along with entertainment and a chance to get social with friends and other denizens of the Reno dining scene.



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