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Reno Beer, Bar, and Pub Crawls

Adult Drinking Events are Popular in Reno


Reno Beer Crawl, held every 4th Saturday of the month, Reno, Nevada, NV

Reno Beer Crawl, held every 4th Saturday of the month.

Logo image courtesy Reno Beer Crawl

Reno's beer crawls started as something of an excuse for friends to go beer drinking and bar hopping among the downtown watering holes. These informal crawls have evolved into real regular events that draw thousands of participants and make a noticeable contribution to downtown Reno's entertainment choices for adults.

The Original Reno Beer Crawl

What many recognize as the Reno Beer Crawl is still held every fourth Saturday of the month. The crawling starts at 2 p.m. and continues until 6 p.m. When the official drinking is over, there is a raffle for a gift certificate to participating bars.

Even though the Reno Beer Crawl is pretty informal, there are a few rules to observe. The first, which should go without saying, is that you must be 21 and have the ID to prove it.

  • It costs $5 to participate, which gets you a wrist band, crawl map, and glass to enjoy $1 beers at crawl bars.
  • You sign up at The Waterfall or any other designated start bar. See the list of participating bars for more information.
  • Finish your drink at each bar. It is against the law to carry open containers around on Reno streets and the cops will bust you for it.
  • Leave pets and strollers at home. This is not an event for dogs or kids.
  • Have a designated driver or plan on getting home in a way that doesn't involve getting behind the wheel.
  • Learn where to park in downtown Reno - be close enough for easy walking and avoid getting a ticket.


Special Edition Reno Beer Crawls

Themed beer crawls were practically invented in Reno. According to CrawlReno, the Superhero Crawl is the oldest superhero-themed bar crawl in the world (started in 2007). But wait, there's more...

Even if you aren't yet a crawler, you've probably heard of the Santa Crawl. It draws thousands of Santas and Mrs. Santas to one of the largest events of its kind in the country. Check out these Santa Crawl pictures for a look at the fun.


Extra Fun at Special Edition Reno Beer Crawls

To broaden the appeal of special crawls for both locals and tourists, additional, non-drinking events are being added. At the Superhero Crawl, have a go at the "Arch Rivals: Heroes vs Villains" fun run through downtown Reno. A fun run at the Reno Zombie Crawl is named the "NoBrainer 5K" and the Reno Santa Crawl features a "Santa Dash." Get more details by visiting the websites linked above.

Reno's bar crawls aren't totally about drinking and hedonistic behavior. The Santa Crawl, for example, is sponsored by Reindeer Games Charity and proceeds go to help local schools.

Other Walks and Dining in Downtown Reno

The Reno Wine Walk has been a downtown Reno event for years. It is held on the third Saturday of the month and involves visiting various merchants in the Riverwalk District and sampling a variety of vintages.

Dine in the District is an annual affair where participants visit a wide variety of restaurants along the Riverwalk. Get details and ticket information for this event from the Riverwalk Merchants Association.

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