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Reno Citizens Institute

Learn About Reno City Government


Reno City Hall government Nevada

Reno, Nevada City Hall

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What Is The Reno Citizens Institute?

The Reno Citizens Institute (RCI) is an eight week course covering a wide variety of Reno city government functions. The program is offered to Reno citizens twice a year, in spring and fall. Each session is limited to 25 participants who must fill out a brief application in order to be considered for acceptance into the program.

Each three hour session presents a different aspect of city government. City officials and employees give presentations explaining their areas of expertise and entertain questions from the class. There will also be a variety of activities designed for attendee participation. Weekly meetings are at various locations depending on the session's topic. To receive a certificate of graduation from the Reno City Council, participants must attend at least six of the classes.

Why Attend The Reno Citizens Institute?

Attend the Reno Citizens Institute to become an informed citizen who is better able to participate in the civic life of the city. This is why I made time to attend the classes. I live here and want to know how local government works and affects my day-to-day existence, and how I can interact with my elected representatives in a (hopefully) positive manner. This will also help me be a better Reno / Tahoe guide for About.com.

Reno Citizens Institute Class Subjects

RCI sessions cover these city government topics, though not necessarily presented in this order...

  1. City Manager's Office
  2. Reno Municipal Court and City Attorney's Office
  3. Community Development / Code Enforcement / Redevelopment / Planning
  4. Finance / Human Resources / Communications and Technology
  5. Parks, Recreation and Community Services
  6. Public Works
  7. Reno Fire Department
  8. Reno Police Department

Learn More About The Reno Citizens Institute and City of Reno Government

Go to the Reno Citizens Institute web page for more information and to access the online application. You can also contact Lisa Mann at mannl@reno.gov or (775) 334-2025.

The City of Reno website is a good source for other information about Reno in addition to government, such as parks, recreation, and special events. Check it out, especially if you are new to the Reno / Tahoe region.

More Information About Government and Laws in Reno and Nevada

Whether you are a newbie or longtime resident, these articles will fill you in on some of the rules, regulations, and laws that affect Nevada residents...

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