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The Knitting Factory in Reno


Knitting Factory Concert House - The Knit - in Reno, Nevada, NV

Marquee for the Knitting Factory Concert House in Reno, Nevada.

Photo © Stan White

What is The Knitting Factory?:

The Knitting Factory (The Knit for short) Concert House in Reno is a venue for music concerts and more. The Reno Knit is one of five similar concert houses (the others are in North Hollywood, Boise, Spokane, and Brooklyn) and part of a bigger company known as Knitting Factory Entertainment. While basically set up for concerts, the Knit occasionally plays movies and has shows that permit dancing. You'll also see lots of local bands booked to play for a hometown audience in a decent venue.

What's Playing at The Knit?:

The Knitting Factory website has an excellent online calendar of events with dates, times, and details about the shows. A mouse click on the act's name takes you to more details about the show and a link to buy tickets.

Who Can Go To Shows at The Knit?:

Most, but not all, Knitting Factory shows are open to all ages. To find out for sure, go to The Reno Knit website and click to details about the show of interest - it will tell you there. Check out The Knitting Factory FAQ for more information about attending the shows. If you're still not sure, call (775) 323-5648.

Tickets for Shows at The Knit:

Show tickets can be obtained in several ways...

  • At the Knitting Factory Concert House, 211 N. Virginia Street, Reno.
  • By phone - (877) 435-9849.
  • Online from ticketfly.com.
  • The Knit website by clicking on the Tickets button for the show you want to see.
  • At Recycled Records, 3344 Kietzke Lane, Reno.
  • At the Cal Neva main cashier cage.

Another way to get tickets to The Knit and other area shows is through a House Seats membership. You have to be willing to go on short notice and tickets aren't available for every show. Check it out and see if this is something that might be of interest.

How to Get to The Knit:

The Knitting Factory Concert House is at 211 N. Virginia Street in downtown Reno. It's a block south of the Reno Arch and across from Harrah's, near the southeast corner of 2nd and Virginia Streets. The main entrance is at the rear of the building. To get there, go around the corner on 2nd Street and head down Fulton Alley. The information phone is (775) 323-5648.

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