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Free WiFi Hotspots in Reno

Where to Get Online for Free In and Around Reno


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Much of the Reno / Sparks / Lake Tahoe area is covered by free WiFi Internet hotspots. Here are some of the most accessible places to get online, but far from the only ones. Visitors to the Reno area need not do without their online lives - virtually every hotel and motel has free wi-fi and you can always connect at the places described here. If a proposed free wifi system covering downtown Reno and the Truckee River corridor from Idlewild Park to the National Automobile Museum comes to fruition, you'll be able to connect for free by the spring of 2012.

Free wi-fi has become pretty much a standard feature at businesses where you can sit down and stay a while. If in doubt, you should call ahead to the place you plan to hang out and make sure you can get online

Free WiFi on RTC Buses

Some of the public transit buses and stations operated by the Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) provide free wi-fi connections for customers. You can get free wireless Internet at RTC Centennial Plaza in Sparks, aboard RTC INTERCITY buses (route between Reno and Carson City), and on RTC SIERRA SPIRIT buses that provide service in the downtown Reno area.

Free WiFi at the Washoe County Library

Most branches in the Washoe County Library system have free wi-fi Internet connections for public use. Simply take a seat a fire up your wireless device to get online. Internet access computers for those without their own laptop or other device are also available at most branches.

Nevada Museum of Art

The Nevada Museum of Art (NMA), 160 W. Liberty Street in Reno, has free public wifi Internet access. While enjoying the events and exhibits at the NMA, or relaxing over a meal at the Café Musée, you can stay connected with your smart phone or other device.

Starbucks Coffee and Other Coffee Shops

Not long ago, you had to pay to connect via WiFi at Starbucks stores. Not now. Bring your laptop or other Internet device and cruise the net for free while enjoying your caffeinated treat. Most other coffee stores in the Reno area also offer free wifi.

Reno-Tahoe International Airport

As you would expect, RenoTahoe International Airport is a free wi-fi hotspot. You can tap into the network just about anywhere in the terminal and get online while waiting for your flight to depart.

Other WiFi Hotspots in the Reno Area

Some of the other wifi hotspots around town include health clubs and fitness centers, shopping malls, bars and restaurants, hospitals, RV parks, hotels and motels, computer businesses, and more. The big hotels and casinos in both Reno and at Lake Tahoe offer free wireless internet.

More About WiFi Internet Connections

Wi-Fi wireless Internet is everywhere these days. If you aren't up to speed on this technology and how to use it, here are some links to additional information...

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