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Quick Tips & Commonly Asked For Information

Need to know how to deal with come common tasks around Reno, or perhaps you need some frequently requested information? Check here and you might find what you are looking for.

Free WiFi Hotspots in Reno
Here are some of Reno's most prominent free wi-fi hotspots.

Tips for Keeping Vehicles and Valuables Safe from Theft
When leaving a vehicle at Reno area parks and trailheads, use these tips to help prevent break-ins and theft of your valuables. Don't let thieves ruin your day of enjoying the great outdoors.

Sparks Recreation Activity Guide
The City of Sparks brings a wide variety of recreational opportunities to the community through its Parks and Recreation Department.

Reno Recreation Program Brochure
The City of Reno brings a wide variety of recreational opportunities to the community through its Parks, Recreation and Community Services Department.

Free Tax Help for Reno Seniors
Reno seniors needing help with filing taxes can get help at various Reno and Sparks locations through the free AARP Tax-Aide program, VITA, and TCE.

Parking in Downtown Reno
There are several choices for parking in downtown Reno, Nevada.

Nevada DMV Self - Service Kiosks - DMV in a Box
Nevada DMV Self - Service Kiosks (DMV in a Box) give drivers a convenient way to access many services from the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles without having to personally go to a DMV office.

Reno Community e-Waste Collection Event
The annual Community e-Waste Collection Event provides Reno residents with a way to properly dispose of and recycle old electronics devices and metal items.

Bus Fares in Reno
Learn about bus fares and how to get passes on Reno's public transit bus system.

Getting a Vehicle Smog Check in Reno
In Nevada, smog emissions testing is required annually for vehicle registration and when new or used vehicles are sold. Smog test regulations only apply in two geographical areas of Nevada - Washoe County and Clark County.

Daylight Saving Time in Reno
Clocks in Reno are reset twice a year to accommodate Daylight saving time (DST) - ahead one hour in spring and back one hour in fall. Reno and Nevada are in the Pacific Time Zone of the United States.

Sunrise and Sunset Times in Reno
Sunrise and sunset times in Reno vary throughout the year just live everywhere else. Reno and Nevada are in the Pacific Time Zone and observe Daylight Saving Time. Of course, changing the clock time by one hour twice a year affects times of the morning sunrise and evening sunset.

Lost and Found Pets in Reno
Help finding your lost dog or cat is available from Washoe County Regional Animal Services. If you find a lost pet, you can also get assistance with reuniting the lost pet with its owner.

Dog Licensing in Reno
Dog licenses are required if you live in Reno, Sparks, or congested areas of Washoe County. Dog licensing is administered by Washoe County Regional Animal Services in Reno. Cats do not need to be licensed.

Reno Rush Hour Traffic Reports
Get rush hour traffic reports about Reno freeways. See real-time reports on traffic congestion, accidents, and construction that may affect commuting and the drive time on Reno area freeways, highways, and roads.

Curbside Recycling in Reno
Curbside recycling from your home in Reno and Washoe County gives everyone an opportunity to contribute to environmental quality, save money, and lessen our dependence on imported oil.

Filing a Business Complaint in Reno
Ways in Reno to resolve complaints and issues with businesses and merchants. Get satisfaction when you have a complain about a business in Reno, Nevada, NV.

Microchip Your Pet in Reno
Microchipping your pet dog or cat helps identify lost pets and return them safely to their owners. Get your pet microchipped at Washoe County Regional Animal Services in Reno, Nevada, NV.

Washoe County & Nevada Taxes
Learn about Reno sales taxes, property taxes, and other government levies on your wallet. Nevada has no state income tax. Nevada taxes are generally low, but not non-existent.

Residential Dump Days
Residential Dump Days offer low-cost dumping and free disposal of household appliances and bulky items for residents of Reno and Washoe County.

Tickets for Reno Aces Baseball Games
Learn about the ways you can get tickets for Reno Aces baseball games, from single game tickets to passes for the whole season.

Flashing Yellow Arrows at Reno Traffic Lights
Flashing yellow left turn arrows are a feature at many intersections in Reno and other parts of northern Nevada. Learn what the flashing yellow arrows mean and how to safely drive through traffic signals using the flashing yellow arrows.

Book Sale Bonanza for the Washoe County Library
Help support the Washoe County Library at Book Sale Bonanza, a booksale fundraiser held twice a year and sponsored by Friends of Washoe County Library.

Assigned-Day Watering
Watering only on your assigned days helps conserve water and allows all Reno area residents to share our precious, but not unlimited, water supply.

Reno Parking Meter Kiosks
Learn about the meter system for street parking in Reno, Nevada.

Fourth of July at Pyramid Lake
You can legally buy and shoot off fireworks at specified locations within the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe Reservation north of the Reno / Sparks area.

E-books and audiobooks from the Washoe County Library
The Washoe County Library has a large selection of e-books and audio books available to library patrons.

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