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On the Road in Nevada - Information About Driving in Reno and Nevada

Driving times and distances from Reno to other cities in Nevada can be deceiving. Several big towns are close to the Reno / Sparks metro area, but everything else is a long way and takes hours to reach.

Reno Driving Times, Distances, Gas Prices, and the DMV
Reno Driving Times, Distances, Gas Prices, and the DMV - Resources for Reno drivers - get information about driving, gas prices, Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), and more.

Reno Gas Prices
Reno gas prices vary all over town. Here are some ways to find the cheapest gas in the Reno area and save money. You can also calculate gas costs for driving trips around Reno and for taking road trips to California or other destinations in the west.

Driving Times and Distances from Reno / Sparks Within Nevada
Nevada is a big place and driving times and distances from Reno to other Nevada cities can be deceiving.

Road & Highway Conditions
Know road and highway conditions before starting your trip, whatever your route. I 80, US 50, US 395, and other Nevada roads are subject to travel restrictions and closures anytime, especially in winter.

Parking in Downtown Reno
There are several choices for parking in downtown Reno, Nevada.

Reno Parking Meter Kiosks
Learn about the meter system for street parking in Reno, Nevada.

Driving Times and Distances from Reno / Sparks to California Cities
Even though we are neighbors, driving times and distances from Reno to cities in California vary greatly.

Driving Times and Distances from Reno / Sparks to Cities in the West
From Reno, there are excellent highways to many major cities in the West.

Driving Times & Distances from Reno to National Parks & Attractions in the West
Reno is centrally located for driving to some major national parks and attractions in the West.

Big Construction Project on U.S. 395 in Reno
The Northbound U.S. 395 Improvement Project in Reno will create a traffic slowing bottleneck near the intersection with I80 (known as the Spaghetti Bowl). Motorists and commuters will experience delays for about 18 months.

Reno Traffic Calming
Reno traffic calming is a simple way to help control traffic, reduce speeding, and increase safety in residential neighborhoods.

Where to Crash in Reno and Sparks
Be aware of dangerous intersections and drive safely around Reno and Sparks.

Reno and Sparks Roundabouts
Learn how to safely negotiate traffic roundabouts in Reno and Washoe County.

Reno Downtown Road Closures Map
Select a date and find out which downtown streets will be closed due to construction or special events. Summer and fall are the busiest times. This is also a pretty good map of downtown Reno streets.

Quick Getaways - Short Local Fun Trips from Reno, Nevada, NV
Tell us about your favorite local getaway. Where do you like to go and have fun for a day or two that is close to Reno / Sparks, or even right here in the Truckee Meadows?

Sparks Community Services
Find out about Sparks road projects and other community support activities.

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